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Following your FREE REPORT and 7-day free trial, your monthly subscription includes 10 Comprehensive Person Search Reports each month - a $249 value - for only $14.99 per mo. A savings of 94%.

Use this tremendous resource every month to get valuable, 100% confidential insight and intelligence on any adult in the United States. Curious about a neighbor, family member, new acquaintance, co-worker, or love interest? Lost touch with a friend, colleague, or classmate? Want to find out who the person is "behind" a phone number or an address? – simply search the phone number or address to reveal the owner. The list of incredible and valuable uses goes on and on.

Each Comprehensive Person Search Report searches 30+ public record databases, with over 1 Billion Public Records. The results will amaze you, and it’s fun!

Again, welcome to Glad I Know, and happy searching. We know you will find your 10 Comprehensive Person Search Reports each month will be a tremendous resource and value for many years to come.

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Why Choose Glad I Know?

Glad I Know is the newest and most advanced people search platform in the industry. Our technology simply and instantly connects you to the best and most comprehensive database of information available on any adult in the U.S., instantly and confidentially. Our data is the gold standard in people search data – combining one billion+ public records. Importantly, your search at Glad I Know is always 100% confidential. The only person who knows about your search and the results is you.


Your First Premium Report is 100% FREE

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thanks GladiKnow for the peace of mind before going on a first date. I’d recommend this site to all ladies.

Ariana, Virginia

Verified Customer

Glad I Know is fantastic. I have tried several people search sites, and they are the hands down the best. A great, one-stop shop to find all the information I need.

Sara K., Colorado

Verified Customer

This was my first time leveraging a service with this level of comprehensive offerings. I appreciated the ease of use and transparent pricing.

Linda M., Montana

Verified Customer

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