Jugene Ancheta


Lives At PO Box 9, Akutan, AK 99553
Used to Live At 5303 Shilshole Ave Nw Seattle, WA 98107

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Phone(s)(907) 698-2377
Email(s) j************@*****.com

FAQ's about Jugene Ancheta

Q: What Is Jugene's Address?

A: Jugene Ancheta's address is Akutan, Alaska. Jugene may also have lived in 5303 Shilshole Ave Nw Seattle, WA 98107.

Q: What Is Jugene's Phone Number?

A: Jugene Ancheta's phone number is (907) 698-2377.

Q: What is Jugene's Email Address?

A: Jugene's email address is j************@*****.com.

Jugene Ancheta's Location Overview

Population:1,042Median Income:$24,464.00
Households:54Area Code(s):907
County:Aleutians East BoroughZip Code(s):99553

Annual Crime Data for Akutan (Data From fbi.gov 2019)

Aleutians East Borough Overview

Average Weather:43.6°FPopulation:3,337
Births (Annual):10Deaths (Annual):9
International Migration (Annual):43Domestic Migration (Annual):-103
Labor Force:2,428Employed:2,360
Unemployed:68Average Income:$70,081.00
Less Than High school Diploma:13.60%High School Diploma Only:40.20%
Some College or Associate's Degree:33.40%Bachelor's Degree or Higher:12.70%
Percentage of People in Poverty:15.50%Percentage of People under 18 in Poverty:12%

Aleutians East Borough Health Data

Tuberculosis Mortality:0.73 Lower Respiratory Infections Mortality:14.02
Meningitis Mortality:0.41 Hepatitis Mortality:0.11
Alcohol Use Disorders Mortality:5.37 Drug Use Disorders Mortality:5.42
Suicide Mortality:9.03 Interpersonal Violence Mortality:-58.21

Aleutians East Borough Ethnicity + Origin

Aleutians East Borough Veterans

Aleutians East Borough Unemployment By Industry

Alaska Overview

Household Income:76,715Population:731,545
Age 18 Years and Older:75.400000000000006Total Housing Units:248,248
Owner-occupied:160,622Renter - occupied:87,626
Average Household Size of Owner-occupied Unit:3Average Household Size of Renter-occupied Unit:2
Migration To Alaska:
2005 or Later:99,0462000 To 2004:56,284
1990 to 1999:50,9101980 to 1989:26,418
1970 to 1979:11,7201969 or earlier:3,870
Population with No Vehicle:24,5801 Vehicle:77,888
2 Vehicles:94,2023 or More Vehicles:51,578

Jugene Ancheta's Name Information (Data From census.gov)

Last Name:
Rank in Popularity:9973Count in USA:2,985
Asian/Pacific Island:72%Asian:1%
2 Races Combined:6%Hispanic:12%

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