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Fatemah Akhavan in Pleasant Hill, California

Fatemah Akhavan

Age Age 63
Also Known As Shahin Akahavan, Shahin Akhavan
Lives At 1234Picasso Ct, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Used to Live At 43211 La Sendita Ln Carmichael, CA 95608
Related To Akbar Akhavan, Asghar A Akhavan

More Information

Phone(s)(925) 287-0312
Email(s) krrrrrrrrrr@rrrrrrrr.com
Social Media Profile(s) @Fatemah_Akhavan_69
Employment History 1998-2004 Vandaley Enterprise
Education History 1988 Mira Coast High School
  2002 Cal State Long Beach
Associates John Flagler
  Ginger Snap

Fatemah Akhavan's Location Overview

Population:34,987Median Income:$93,476.00
Households:13,729Area Code(s):925
County:Contra Costa CountyZip Code(s):94523

Annual Crime Data for Pleasant Hill (Data From fbi.gov 2019)

Violent:0Murder & Manslaughter:0
Aggravated Assault:0Property:24
Auto Theft:0Hate Crimes (Race):0
Hate Crimes(Religion):0Hate Crimes(Sex):0
Hate Crimes(Disability):1Hate Crimes(Gender):0

Contra Costa County Overview

Average Weather:66.9°FPopulation:1,153,526
Births (Annual):12,070Deaths (Annual):8,478
International Migration (Annual):2,916Domestic Migration (Annual):-3,497
Labor Force:561,757Employed:544,496
Unemployed:17,261Average Income:$101,463.00
Less Than High school Diploma:10.60%High School Diploma Only:17.60%
Some College or Associate's Degree:30.10%Bachelor's Degree or Higher:41.70%
Percentage of People in Poverty:7.80%Percentage of People under 18 in Poverty:9%

Contra Costa County Health Data

Tuberculosis Mortality:0.26 Lower Respiratory Infections Mortality:16.13
Meningitis Mortality:0.30 Hepatitis Mortality:0.40
Alcohol Use Disorders Mortality:1.72 Drug Use Disorders Mortality:8.87
Suicide Mortality:9.75 Interpersonal Violence Mortality:-22.12

Contra Costa County Ethnicity + Origin

White:47.75%African American:8.92%
Asian:14.19%Native American:0.28%
Hispanic:24.36%Multiple Race:5.93%
Foreign Born:24.99%
Central/South America:9.75%Caribbean:0.21%

Contra Costa County Veterans

Veterans:5.54%Gulf War 2 Vets:11.12%
Gulf War 1 Vets:15.21%Vietnam War Vets:36.90%
Korean War Vets:11.07%WW2 War Vets:6.54%
Korean War Vets:11.07%Male Vets:92.62%
Female Vets:7.38%White Vets:67.14%
Male Vets:5.54%African American Vets:11.63%
Other Ethnicity Vets:15.09%Vets In Poverty:6.19%
Non Vets In Poverty:9.01%Vets With Disability:15.25%
Non Vets With Disability:8.75%

Contra Costa County Unemployment By Industry

Information Technology:2.77%Fire:8.50%

California Overview

Household Income:71,228Population:39,512,223
Age 18 Years and Older:77.5Total Housing Units:12,392,852
Owner-occupied:7,112,050Renter - occupied:5,280,802
Average Household Size of Owner-occupied Unit:3Average Household Size of Renter-occupied Unit:3
Migration To California:
2005 or Later:4,436,8902000 To 2004:3,077,886
1990 to 1999:2,562,0821980 to 1989:1,136,926
1970 to 1979:693,6931969 or earlier:485,375
Population with No Vehicle:935,9691 Vehicle:3,936,327
2 Vehicles:4,656,4773 or More Vehicles:2,864,079

Fatemah Akhavan's Name Information (Data From census.gov)

Last Name:
Rank in Popularity:46523Count in USA:431

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