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Denise Baker in Accomac, Virginia

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Denise Baker

  • Lives at
    PO Box 721, Accomac, VA

Denise Baker

  • Lives at
    PO Box 721, Accomac, VA

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Rachel Baker

  • Lives at 24355 M N Smith Rd Accomac, VA
  • Used To live at: PO Box 36 Accomac, VA
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Renee Baker

  • Lives at 26331 Baylys Neck Rd Accomac, VA
  • Used To live at: 20469 Kendallworth Dr Melfa, VA
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Denise Baker’s Location Overview

  • Population: 493
  • Median Income: $50,750.00
  • Households: 156
  • Area Code(s): 757
  • County: Accomack County
  • Zip Code(s): 23301
  • Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed in Virginia
  • 2019: 2, 2018: 0, 2017: 1, 2016: 2, 2015: 0, 2014: 1, 2013: 1, 2012: 0, 2011: 3, 2010: 0

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