Why should I use Glad I Know?

To help give you the full picture on the people in your life. The people around you and your loved ones. Every day, we all take simple, common sense steps to protect ourselves and our family from people we don't know. But, what about people we do know, or think we do? Trust your instincts? Of course. But, verify too. It's just a smart thing to do.

What is Glad I Know?

Glad I Know is a direct to consumer, "person search" platform. Our technology connects you to one of the most comprehensive databases of information available on any person of interest – nearly any adult in the U.S. Hundreds of millions of records are searched and returned to you in seconds. The result is our Comprehensive Report which includes 30+ individual search products, including criminal, sexual offender, civil, financial, property, address, contact, social, phone records and much more, all for $14.99 or less. And since your search is always 100% confidential, the only person who knows about your search and the results is you. Get peace of mind, and rest assured, with Glad I Know. You’ll be glad to know.

What type of search products are available at Glad I Know?

Our Comprehensive Report includes 30+ individual search products, all for $14.99 or less. In addition, we offer several, valuable "Add On" search products, which may be purchased separately from your Comprehensive Report. For a full description of all our search products, including our Add On products which you man purchase separately, please see our Products & Features.

Should I join, or checkout as a guest?

Joining is absolutely free and requires no payment or obligation of any kind. The benefits of joining include significant discounts on our Comprehensive Report, as well as access to additional, valuable search products. Also, as a useful feature and at no cost to our members, we provide a personal Dashboard, where we store your searches and Comprehensive Reports for you, always one click away. But the choice is yours. If you prefer not to join, that’s great too. You can always check out as a guest with any of our Transactional plans.

How do I checkout as a guest?

Again, Joining is absolutely free and requires no payment or obligation of any kind. But, if you would like to run a Comprehensive Report and checkout as a guest, simply run your search, click Unlock Full Report, and select a Transactional Plan. Each Transactional Plan includes the option to Checkout as a Guest.

How am I billed?

With Glad I Know, you have the choice of a Transactional, Monthly or Annual Plan. Monthly and Annual plans offer significant discounts off of the single Transactional Plan report price. If you select the Monthly or Annual Plan, you will be billed up front for the entire term selected. By default, your membership automatically renews each month or year (depending on your plan), unless you cancel before the start of the next term. We will charge the recurring fee to the same payment option you use to sign up. If you do not wish to continue your service, you can cancel anytime by contacting our Customer Care team at Help/Contact Us.

I forgot my password?

No problem. Select "Sign In" at the top right then click "Forgot password" under the SIGN IN button, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I change my password?

"Sign In" to your account with your email and (current) password. Click the "Settings" link at the top right, then click "My Account" to access our password reset feature.

Am I still charged if the search comes back CLEAR on criminal records?

Yes. At Glad I Know, we help provide you with peace of mind. It turns out the person you searched comes back with no criminal records found? That’s great news. Congratulations! We have partnered with some of the leading database providers in our industry, and through these partners we search over 220 million records on your behalf. Just like you, we pay our data partners for your search, regardless of whether the subject comes back with a criminal record "hit" or clear.

What is your Refund Policy?

Our first goal at Glad I Know is complete customer satisfaction. If you are ever not satisfied with our services, please contact our Customer Care Team at Help/Contact Us and we will work to resolve your issue. Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction.

How do I cancel my account?

One thing to keep in mind, our new client only promotion is our best plan ever: A 60% discount - $15 discount per report. This is available to new clients only. If you cancel, this discount will not be available to you again.

Unlike other people search platforms with cheap, incomplete data, each comprehensive report you run with Glad I Know pulls data from two of the very best data providers in the industry - the Gold Standards. Over ONE BILLION records are searched from both online and offline sources on any adult in the U.S. – right at your fingertips. Always 100% confidential. The only person that knows about the search and the result is YOU.

Our Comp Report is a GREAT way to locate and learn very important information about family, friends, neighbors, classmates and colleagues, or just take a peek see what they are up to – always 100% confidentially.

The monthly Comprehensive Report included with your new client 60% Discount Plan includes a search of each of the following databases on ANY adult in the US.

  • National Criminal, Sex Offender and Watch Lists
  • National Traffic and Infraction Records
  • Civil and Financial Records, Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments
  • Properties, Addresses, Phones and Emails
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Education and Employment History
  • Relatives, Neighbors and Associates
  • Licenses and Permits, Including Weapons
  • Vehicles, Aircraft and Watercraft

We sure don’t want to see you go, and lose this incredible, one-time only value.

If you still wish to go, Cancellation Instructions are below. But please keep in mind any further reports after cancellation will be at our full retail price - $24.99.

If you still wish to continue to cancel your subscription: Log into your account, then click the "Settings" link at the top, then select "My Account," then select the "Active Subscription" tab, then click "Cancel Subscription."

If you wish to confirm your cancellation, navigate back to the Active Subscription tab (as noted above) and you will see "No Active Subscription" under your account status.

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

What can I use Glad I Know for? What are the Dos and Don’ts?

The following are common, PERMITTED uses of Glad I Know (the Dos).

  • Neighbors. Curious?
    New neighbor? Odd, strange or downright creepy behavior? Concerned? Are your children at risk? Find out who is living in your neighborhood. Trust, of course. But verify too. It’s just a smart thing to do.
  • Those interacting with your children and loved ones
    Parents of your child’s new friend? Sleepovers/slumber parties? Afterschool and weekend events? Trips? Carpool? If you have kids, chances are they spend a lot of time around adults you may not know very well. Help to ensure your children and loved ones are in a safe environment.
  • Friends, family, classmates, co-workers: Lost touch?
    Locate childhood friends, former classmates, co-workers, and extended members of your family you have lost touch with.
  • A new friend or romantic interest?
    Meeting new people through friends, in person or online is great. Are they safe and trustworthy? Get peace of mind and rest assured with Glad I Know.
  • Online marketplaces and social networks
    Online marketplaces and social networks bring value and enjoyment, but before you agree to meet or do business with someone you connected with online, learn more about them and help make sure you will be in a safe environment.
  • Roommates or travelling companions
    Thinking about moving into a house or apartment, or going on a trip with people you don’t know very well? Strange or odd behavior by a roommate? We can help give you the full picture.
  • Yourself
    What will someone see? What is your online reputation? Learn what your background check contains. We even make it easy to share with someone, if you chose to!

The following uses of Glad I Know are NOT PERMITTED (the Don’ts)

Glad I Know is not a "consumer reporting agency," and our products and the information we provide are not "consumer reports" as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681, et seq.) (the "FCRA"). Accordingly, our products, and the information we provide, may NOT be used in any way, in whole or in part, as a factor in determining eligibility for employment, tenancy, credit, insurance, or any other purpose under the FCRA.

Although the following list covers many of the primary/main restricted uses, it not a full list. For a complete list of non-permitted/restricted uses, please see "Nonpermitted/Restricted Uses of Information" in our Terms of Use.

  • No employment screening
    You cannot use Glad I Know for employment related background checks of any kind, including pre-employment background checks, hiring, promotion, reassignment, demotion, or termination of an employee. These restrictions apply to domestic work, including a nanny or gardener.
  • No tenant screening
    You cannot use Glad I Know in connection with a decision to rent, lease or sell a residential or commercial space or unit.
  • No decisions about credit, loans or insurance
    You cannot use Glad I Know to assess the risk of someone’s existing credit obligations or to determine someone’s eligibility for issuing or extending credit, insurance, or loans.
  • No professional service provider screening
    You cannot use Glad I Know to screen a professional service provider such as a tutor, doctor, coach or personal trainer.
  • No education or scholarship qualification screening
    You cannot use Glad I Know to screen someone in order to determine if they are eligible for an educational program, financial aid, grant, or scholarship.
  • No business transactions initiated by an individual consumer
    You cannot use Glad I Know in connection with a business transaction initiated by an individual consumer, including screening an individual to determine whether they continue to meet the terms of a personal customer account.
  • No "adverse action" and no other purpose specified in the FCRA
    In addition, you cannot use Glad I Know for any other purpose under the FCRA, and you may not use any information provided by Glad I Know to take any "adverse action" as that term is defined in FCRA – for example, withdrawing an offer or employment, or declining to rent an apartment or house. For a complete list of non-permitted/restricted uses, please see "Nonpermitted/Restricted Uses of Glad I Know Information" in our Terms of Use.

Using information from Glad I Know for any nonpermitted use violates both our Terms of Use and the law, and can lead to possible criminal penalties. We take the permissible use and FCRA obligations very seriously, and reserve the right to terminate user access and accounts, and report violators to law enforcement as appropriate. If you are not sure whether your intended use of Glad I Know information is permitted or not, please contact us first at [email protected].

What is the difference between an Infraction, Misdemeanor and Felony?

Most states penal codes allow for three main categories of punishable offenses - infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies.

An infraction, sometimes called a petty offense, is the violation of an administrative regulation, an ordinance, a municipal code, and, in some jurisdictions, a state or local traffic rule. An infraction is the least serious of all offenses. An infraction is very rarely punishable by incarceration. Most infractions are punished with a fine only. Infractions do not lead to jail time or probation. However, if a person fails to pay the fine or appear in court, they may be charged with a misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor is more serious than an infraction but less serious than a felony. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, it will create a criminal record. Misdemeanors carry different punishments, depending upon the seriousness of the offense. Because misdemeanors can result in jail time, they include the right to appear before a judge and to have a jury trial. In court, the attorney may try to plea bargain a misdemeanor down to an infraction, helping the defendant avoid jail time, a criminal record, and other negatives that come with having a misdemeanor record.

A felony is the most serious charge and, as such, carries the heaviest punishment. Generally, felonies can carry a year or longer jail sentence, as well as becoming a permanent part of the defendant’s criminal record. More serious felonies carry very heavy penalties.