Email Lookup

Glad I Know's email lookup engine searches nearly one billion public records online and offline to locate a subject's current and former email address(es).

How To Use Glad I Know's Email Lookup

Type the name and location of any person in the U.S. into the search bar and tap enter. Glad I Know looks at hundreds of databases to find potential name and identity matches.

Your search will instantly pull all the available information about an email account holder into one report, including work and personal emails.

Over 300 billion emails are sent daily. People use email to sign up for social media accounts, shop online, register websites, and much more. An email address enables us to identify people in the digital world.

How Does Our Email Search Work?

Have you ever Googled an email address to find someone, only to come up empty-handed? The reason is, search engines can only identify someone by email if the address appears in a public forum or on social media. These search engines often fail to recognize the actual account holder accurately.

Unlike telephone numbers, there are no master lists or directories like "yellow pages" or "white pages" for email addresses. You don't have to establish your identity to open an email account. Also, there are no area codes in an email address to provide you with information about the owner's location.

Glad I Know's email search engine sifts through billions of public records to help you identify the sender and may help you unlock additional important information about the person.

What Can An Email Search Reveal?

Glad I Know's email search can help you clear up the mystery behind unknown emails, but it's useful in other ways.

  • Have you received an unknown email from a social or business group? You may recognize some email addresses but not others. An email lookup can help you identify the other people on the list and save you from a potentially embarrassing "reply all" situation.
  • Or how about email chatting with a potential date? Perhaps, someone you have met online? An email lookup may confirm the person's identity and other vital details before you arrange a date.
  • Perhaps you have lost touch with a former coworker. Our email search can help you, and the coworker reconnect.
  • Or maybe you are chatting with a potential seller online. Our email lookup can help you learn more about him or her and their business reputation.

Trust? Of course. But verify too. When it comes to your safety, it's just the smart thing to do.

Protect Yourself With Glad I Know's Email Search

Cybercriminals regularly use email and rely on you not recognizing an email attack. One of the most common attacks is caused by phishing. This is when a scammer represents himself or herself as a legitimate business to get you to open an email and unknowingly download malware that can enable the theft of your data.

A recent survey showed that 96% of consumers couldn't catch a phishing scam, which may be why the targeted victim opens nearly 40% of all phishing emails. The average email user receives almost 20 malicious emails every month, so chances are high; you'll eventually be a target.

Glad I Know's email search may help you identify phony and malicious email addresses and potential email scams.


Overall, our robust and comprehensive email search, which is included with every Comprehensive Report from Glad I Know, is a great tool to give you essential insight and intelligence on the people around you and your loved ones.

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