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Current Address

The Many Valuable Uses For Our Current Address Search

Our Current Address search is highly valuable and has many important uses. As with all our search products, they are instant, always 100% confidential, and every search product is included in our Comprehensive Report at no additional cost.

With only an address, you can uncover a trove of data about the person living there, as well as the home value and sales history, and even neighborhood safety data. You will be surprised at all the knowledge our address search may provide - and how many ways you can use it.

Are you wondering about a new neighbor? All you need is an address. We will instantly and confidentially provide you with important information about the current and previous property owners, home value, sales history, as well as neighborhood safety data.

Interesting in buying a particular home but not sure how much to offer? Our address search can give you the information you need to determine a fair price.

Are you and your family moving to a new area? Use our Current Address search to make sure the location is the right fit.

Would you like to rekindle a relationship with an old friend or neighbor? Our address search may uncover current contact information, as well as phones, email, relatives, associates, social media, employment, and education history – even photos!

Are you concerned or curious about the new person in the apartment or house next door? Our address search can reveal the person's name and contact information.

Worried about neighborhood safety? Search your address to unlock crime information and any nearby registered sex offenders.

Our Current Address search can help you make a better decision when buying a home and reveal the former and current owners' names and personal information. Our search may also provide sale and foreclosure history, mortgage and loan information, and even census data and helpful additional details about the home and its area.

Use our valuable Current Address search to reconnect with old neighbors - you can find names and current contact information for former neighbors as well as old friends from the neighborhood.

In addition to reconnecting with old neighbors, you can get to know new ones! Our current address search may reveal the owner's name and information and a list of residents and lessees too.

Use our Current Address tool to verify information about online sellers. Meeting up with someone you have not met before to buy or sell something, whether on Craigslist or some other platform, potentially can be unsafe. Before moving forward, consider using our search to reveal potentially important information about the seller.

This search is also an excellent way to find out more about a particular neighborhood. Beyond information about a specific property or resident, our current address search can reveal quite a bit of information about an area, including average age, gender, ethnicity, and safety information, including crime rates and sex offenders.

Update your address book. You can also use our search for mailing address lookup to confirm addresses before sending out cards, invitations, and announcements to long-lost family members and friends.

How To Use Our Current Address Search

Getting fundamental property, neighborhood, and ownership information about a home or business is convenient with our valuable Current Address search. Type the address into our search tab and pick the subject's address from the results. You can also perform an address lookup by searching a person's name associated with the particular address.

Glad I Know's advanced people search engine then sifts through nearly one billion public records, online and offline, to discover information about property ownership and deeds, sales history, tax information, and property details. You'll see the data instantly. You'll also have the chance to dig deeper into the info if you wish.

What Information Can You Find With Our Current Address Search?

  • Current owner's name and contact information, including email addresses, social media profiles, address history, and potential relatives.
  • Names and personal data about possible tenants and lessees
  • Specific details about the property, including square footage, lot size, year built, legal description, and the number of rooms and bedrooms.
  • Home value and sales history, including property tax, assessments, and mortgage data.
  • Area information, including census figures about population, demographics, and average income, as well as the location of any nearby registered sex offenders.

With Glad I Know's Current Address Search, you can locate information about the people who own and live in the property. All the essential information is available instantly, with one easy search—no need to buy multiple searches and services. Everything is included in our Comprehensive Report.

Types of Addresses

There are over 160 million residential addresses in the U.S., not including PO boxes and general delivery addresses. Most addresses are house number, street name, city, state, and ZIP code.

However, in non-metro areas, a mailing address is often based on the mail route rather than an actual street address. The mailing address for someone who lives in a rural area might be: "RR 2 Box 8," which means mailbox #8 on rural route 2. If you only have a street address, your letter might not reach the intended person. Our address search can reveal an accurate mailing address.

Changes of Address

Last year, the U.S. Post Office processed nearly 40 million changes of address. Over 10% of the population moved to a new home last year. It's no surprise people lose touch with family members and friends.


Overall, our robust and comprehensive Current Address search, which is included with each Comprehensive Report from Glad I Know, is a great tool to give you essential insight and intelligence on your neighbors and the people around you, and your loved ones.

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