Criminal Records - Statewide

This is a county level search for criminal court records for all counties throughout a particular state. The Statewide Criminal Records search is available in several states in the U.S., not all states. Please see our Coverage availability below.

Depending on the jurisdiction where the record originates, our Statewide Criminal Records search results may include: Name, AKAs, Address, Sex, Date of Birth, Hair Color, Eye Color, Height, Weight, Race, Offender ID, Offense, Location of Conviction, State of Origin, Offense Date, Conviction Date, as well as height, weight and scars/marks/tattoos.

Coverage and Quality

The scope and quality of records available in a statewide criminal records search varies considerably from state to state. In order to provide you with the best information on the quality of the various statewide criminal records searches available, following is our evaluation and opinion on the quality of the available statewide criminal records searches. The quality varies by state, due to the scope of the information made available to us by the state. We have organized our evaluation using Grades "A" (highest quality) through "D" (lowest quality):

Grade "A" States (Highly Recommended): AK, AL, AZ, CT, CO, DC, DE, HI, IA, ID, KY, MA, MD, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, UT, VA, WA and WI.

These states are the highest quality and value because the county court information is automatically and electronically uploaded to the statewide system, so running the statewide search in these states is just as good as running all of the counties individually, so the Statewide Criminal Records Search in these states is an exceptional value, compared to running an individual county or several counties within these states.

Grade "B" States (Highly Recommended): MN and MT.

MN is a very good search because all the reporting is automatic and electronic, like it is for the Grade A states. However, one drawback in MN is that non-convictions are not reported, including pending cases. Accordingly, in MN, even a serious felony case, if pending, is not reported.

MT does not have automatic, electronic updates which is a drawback. However, the reporting is very good, in our experience. The MT Statewide Criminal Records Search also includes information from municipal courts, which is an advantage, as records from municipal courts are typically not reported by the county.

Grade "C" States (Recommended): AR, FL, GA, IL, KS, ME, MO, TN, TX and VT.

AR, KS, ME, MO and VT: The searches in these states are also very high quality. They are graded "C" because only convictions are reported.

FL, GA, IL, TN, and TX: The reporting in these states is generally good, although we have found the quality is not as consistent as the states with "A" and "B" grades. Also, the reporting in these states is not automatic.

Grade "D" States (Not Recommended): IN and MI.

Although statewide searches are available in these states, in our experience, the quality of the data reported by the states is low and inconsistent. Accordingly, we do not see value running a statewide search in these states.

Access Fees

Access Fees are the costs charged directly at the state and/or county level for the search. These Access Fees are charged to you (the customer) as a direct pass through cost – there is no mark-up or upcharge of any kind. In other words, you pay the same Access Fee that we are charged by the county and/or state to perform the search or your behalf.

Please see Court Imposed Access Fees for coverage state and coverage fee.

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