Criminal Records - Federal

This is a search for federal criminal records. Federal crimes include crimes that cross state lines such as child pornography and human trafficking, as well as tax evasion, drug trafficking, embezzlement, bank fraud, bank robbery, kidnapping, and crimes that occur on federal property such as a military base. Pricing for our Federal Criminal Records search is per federal district. There are one to four federal districts per state, depending on the state's size. Our technology helps you select the appropriate Federal District to search, based on the county you choose.

Each federal district maintains its own records. Only criminal cases prosecuted in a specific federal district will be found in a search of that court. Therefore, each federal district should be searched separately to determine if a criminal history exists in that district.

Depending on the district where the record originates, our Federal Criminal Records search results may include: Name, AKAs, Address, Sex, Date of Birth, Hair Color, Eye Color, Height, Weight, Race, Offender ID, Offense, Location of Conviction, State of Origin, Offense Date, Conviction Date, as well as height, weight and scars/marks/tattoos.

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