Who’s watching your kids? Make sure to "check them out" with a full, online criminal and sex offender records check

Written by Valery Caputi Lopez
Last Updated: 11/17/2019
Who’s watching your kids? Make sure to "check them out" with a full, online criminal and sex offender records check
When it comes to your kids, it’s always better to be safer than sorry

More parents are working outside the home than ever before. To date, about 50% of two-parent households report mothers and fathers who work full time, meaning that the responsibility of child-rearing during working hours largely falls to others including family members, friends or neighbors.

Although we would like to think that the people interacting with our children daily are who we “think” they are, statistics prove that individuals with malicious intent can (and do) infiltrate what we think are safe environments regularly.

Here are the top reasons why an online, criminal and sex offender background check by a top-rated provider like GladiKnow should be a fundamental part of creating an environment that promotes child safety both within and outside your home:

1. Trust? Of course. But when it comes to the safety of your loved ones, verify too.

In today’s technological age, many popular criminal databases don’t cross state lines or omit glaring red flags within an individual’s background history. For example, depending on the period of the offense, important and serious criminal records may be omitted from reporting in many common and popular databases.

When someone new is caring for your children, it’s important to get the most complete and comprehensive search results possible, with a top-rated provider like GladiKnow.

2. Technology allows offenders discreet access to children and juveniles

Recent research estimates that by age 10 to 12, about 45% of children will own a cellphone or messaging device with an integrated data plan, and that number will grow to 80% by the time they’re 17. The main reported reason for giving children their own phones were so parents could get in touch with them more easily (and vice versa), but digital predators are also using this technology to establish subtle connections with their underage targets.

A detailed Washington Post article on the topic of student-teacher sexual misconduct found that 36% of the teachers who had been accused or convicted of inappropriate behavior with a student used social media and messaging systems to continue these interactions outside of school. And those are only the ones that have been publicly accused and tried; the real numbers may be much higher, which leads us to our last point:

3. Many offenders won’t appear in many popular national criminal record databases at all

If you're a concerned parent, the key is to stop wondering and start acting. Using a comprehensive online criminal background check tool like GladiKnow gives you instant access to important data, pulling information from over 30 different search tools, including criminal records, address and property history, sex offender records, employment history, and much more, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your children’s safety everywhere they go.

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