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Jeanann Grubbs Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 3/26/2021
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Do You REALLY Know Your Significant Other's Friends?

Do you really know who your significant other's friends are? Think about it. Have you ever chatted with your romantic lover about what their friends do for a living, in their free time, who they hang around, what they did in their past? Most likely not, but it would not be a bad thing to ask your partner about. Imagine if you and your partner were getting ready to have a baby. Would you feel safe with your significant other's friends hanging around your baby? If the answer is no, I think it would be a great idea to get to know some more information about your significant other's friends. If you are engaged in learning more about your significant other's friends because of curiosity, you need to approach it in the best way possible. You do not want to seem like you are asking about their friends due to distrust.

There are also benefits to asking about your significant other's friends, other than safety reasons. It would be incredibly beneficial to learn about your partner's friends because you can learn about the things their friends offer him or her that you do not. People tend to last longer in relationships where they already have an established friendship. This usually means that you both enjoy similar hobbies, outings, and so on. But if you are within a relationship where you feel like you and your partner do not uphold the same interests and want to fix that, learning about their friends may help.

Warning Indications To Look Out For In Your Partner’s Friends

If you do plan to ask your partner about his friends or ask to meet them, there are some warning indications you should look out for when meeting them. According to Joe Navarro, an FBI agent of 25 years, spoke out about dangerous personalities people should look out for. The first one is a narcissistic personality. These are usually people who always want to be treated like they are above everyone else. Or is someone who always talks about how great they are as a person but never how great others are. A person with this type of personality trait will use you. They only need you when they can get some benefit out of you. Loyalty is also a huge trait they love to feed off of. They love to know that you will not betray them even when they are doing something bad. And lastly, they will never apologize for their wrongdoings and only seek out advantages.

Emotionally unstable personalities are also people to look out for. These are people who need to be constantly reassured by other people that they are doing fine. These people can sometimes make threats if they feel like someone close to them will leave them. A person with this personality can sometimes make you feel drained. Paranoid personalities are another one to look out for, according to Joe Navarro. These are people who get paranoid about almost anything, such as friends, neighbors, and family members. These people always think someone is out to get them. They are usually extremely judgemental and creative. They often think that any failures in life are because of other people and not them.

What To Do If You Catch These Warning Signs From Your Partner's Friends

If you catch these warning signs from your partner's friends, you should do some more research on them. You can use a people search engine like This website will offer you instant reports on anyone in the United States. GladiKnow has over a billion records within their database. First, type in the first and last name of your partner's friend. You can even type in their home address if you know that too. Once you have done that, you will obtain an instant report that includes a list of information. This report will include that persons' current and past home addresses, their age, social media accounts, email address phone numbers, bankruptcies, sex offender records, criminal records, liens and judgments, and so much more. If you want to get to know more information on your partner's friends and not all of your questions were answered, feel free to use GladiKnow. This website will help make sure your partners' friends are safe and reliable people. For more information on people search engines check out this link.

How Does Having Your Significant Other Be Your Best Friend Help The Relationship

Many of us have imagined our ideal partner in our heads. But we do not really do that when it comes to our friendships. Friendships form suddenly, and usually, we are more often open to people who do not fit our norms when it comes to connecting and making friends. However, we do the exact opposite when it comes to romantic relationships. If our date does not fit the image we have in our head, we toss them aside and look for someone else. Therefore, going after a partner that was already our friend can sometimes allow us to just be us without feeling the need to look for the perfect person.

There are many reasons why having your partner as your best friend is beneficial to your relationship. One great reason is that you are already used to what they like and what they do not like. Many new couples go through this struggle when their relationships are still fresh. For example, if your favorite cuisine is Indian food, but your partner does not, you most likely will be eating your favorite cuisine less and less. But if you were already aware of this trait due to your friendship, you will probably already know which cuisines to order without getting into an argument. Another great reason is that couples who have an existing friendship present themselves in complete authenticity. Your partner is already aware of what your quirks are, and they stayed your friend knowing them, which means they will stay your partner as well, most likely.

No one calls their friends all the time to find out where they are. You should also not be doing this to your partner. You should trust your partner if they go somewhere without you as you would a friend. Friends also criticize each other from time to time. It usually is never coming from mal intentions, but instead, they want to help their friend out with a different perspective. Sometimes people take criticisms from their partner too hard. But if you were already used to hearing advice from them when they were your friend, their criticisms should not affect you. Meeting your partner's parents is always scary, but if you had already met them when you were friends, introducing yourself as their partner should not be that hard, especially if the parents already like you. Overall, getting to know your significant other's friends is such an important thing to do, whether it be for safety reasons or to see if you can offer any other qualities to the relationship that your partner searches for in his or her friendships.