Who Are Your Significant Others Friends Really

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 8/2/2020
Who Are Your Significant Others Friends Really

Who are your significant others friends?

You can learn a lot from someone by whom they surround themselves with. Are you in a relationship, and you do not like your significant other friends? A super-connected friendship can ruin your relationship, especially if there is turmoil between you and your significant another friend.

How do these friends make you feel?

Your intuition is usually correct. If these people leave you feeling uncomfortable, there might be a problem. Are these people continually being rude to you and making you jealous? If you think their malicious behavior towards you might be dangerous, you may want to do a background check. Start asking yourself what the group dynamic is and how often your significant other is out with them. If your partner is coming home at odd hours or ignoring your calls, this is a red flag. 

How does your partner act around these people?

In a healthy friendship, it is reasonable to include your partner in most activities and treat them with respect as you would behind closed doors. If your partner puts on a different facade around these people, that could be telling sign of something suspicious. 

Look things up

If you are afraid that their friends are up to no good and want peace of mind, using sites like GladiKnow ( is a person's search platform to help you garner information. If you have their first and last names, you can find 

  • Phone numbers
  • Social media
  • Criminal records 
  • Addresses and more

All this information is confidential between you and the search engine. You have to keep in mind that your partner's friends have been around longer than you so that they may be overprotective. Your best bet is to have a civil conversation with your partner about their friends and how they make you feel. If you do end up finding bad information about these people, it may be time to reconsider whom you are dating.

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