Travel smart, not hard: How to use online background checks to avoid problem destinations

Written by Dan Marzullo
Last Updated: 11/29/2019
Travel smart, not hard: How to use online background checks to avoid problem destinations
Be sure to take the necessary precautions when you’re far from home or traveling alone.

As the saying goes, “Great things never came from comfort zones.” And to travel to new destinations -whether it’s for work, school, or for play- is the ultimate act of rebellion against the daily routine of an otherwise quiet and uneventful life.

But unless you’re Anthony Bourdain and your “travels to parts unknown” are meticulously researched by a multi-person production and scouting team beforehand, the prospect of stepping into an unsafe situation on foreign soil is a real risk that all solo travelers and small adventuring parties always have to consider. While many wanderers have enriching experiences during their adventures, there are just as many stories of people who experienced the dark side of travel, often to a life-threatening degree.

Here are some practical tips to ensure the safety of your travel groups or party of one:

1. Staying at a residential property? Run a background search on your hosts

For better or for worse, just about anyone with a nice-looking room or home to rent can become a host on websites like Airbnb. And luckily for them, short term renters for popular destinations are never in short supply. But savvy travelers know better than to automatically assume that participation in the service is the direct result of a thorough criminal background check.

Even GlaiKnow's online public record search to drastically increase your odds of catching something that an inferior database may have missed.

2. Book a tour? Be sure to check out your guides

Whether in a city or remote location far from civilization, everyone needs to know exactly who they’ve entrusted their lives to for the next couple of hours or days. Local guides are only subject to the minimum vetting criteria of the agencies they work for (if there were any at all), and legislation on this topic can vary widely between cities, states, and countries.

So, in addition to doing your homework and ensuring that the tourism agency itself seems legitimate before booking that tour, politely enquire about the tour guides and run an online background search on your own. If you don’t like what you find, at least it won’t be smack dab in the middle of unfamiliar territory.

3. Traveling with a group? Know if your party is trustworthy

First names and Facebook profiles are not going to cut it if you want to make sure that the people you’ll be sharing rooms, meals, and your private itineraries with can be entrusted with your well-being and safety.

You can get peace of mind and make sure that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest by using an online personal screening platform like GladiKnow, which gives you the tools to run instant, affordable, and 100% confidential online people searches on virtually anyone, anywhere.

Travel Safe, Run a Check

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