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Last Updated: 2/19/2021
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How To Protect Your Packages From Porch Pirates

>Have you ever had your package stolen? I wouldn't be surprised if you said yes. In the United States, about 1.7 million packages get stolen or misplaced every day. That means that one in three American's get a package stolen every year. So why does this happen? Well, unfortunately, porch pirates exist. A porch pirate goes after other people's belongings and steals delivery packages off of porches. A lot of people have invested in doorbells that have cameras attached to them. If you Google porch pirates on YouTube, you will most likely find many comical videos of people stealing packages from unsuspecting people's porches. Many people have begun getting revenge on their porch pirates by creating decoy packages. These decoy packages get filled with dirty diapers, robots that spray glitter everywhere, and even a machine that sprays them with a substance that smells like a skunk.

But this is not a comical situation at all. As the pandemic presses on, more and more people have become dependent on online shopping to get their goods, including their vital essentials. Porch pirates have no idea what they are stealing when they grab these packages because the goods are in a brown box. But inside those brown boxes could be people's medications, food, family heirlooms, and so many other essential items. So the new question in place is how we can end or scare these porch pirates away? Well, luckily, Amazon has come up with a solution that could end porch pirates, but of course, at a cost. Amazon is one of the top companies that deliver packages to American families every day. These facts are incredibly troubling to them, which is why they have created Amazon Key. Amazon Key allows customers to provide unique access to their Amazon delivery drivers to enter their home, garage, and even inside their car.

What Exactly is Amazon Key And How Can It Protect Your Packages

Amazon Key is an excellent innovative service offered by Amazon. Amazon Key is a program that allows Amazon delivery drivers into your home when you are not around. The first step to utilizing the Amazon Key is physically buying a smart lock through Amazon and a Cloud Cam Key. These smart locks can range from $150 to $250. Most people purchase the Amazon bundle, which is about $319, and that is with a discount. But once you splurge on these protection services, how do you use them? Well, you need to download the Amazon Key App. From there, you have your camera sync to your wireless router and plug in the code that you have designated for your lock. This app will allow you to watch anyone who approaches your door and let you know when someone has unlocked or locked your front door. This app gives you the ability to tuck away your house keys and never use them again. You can now open and close your front door using your smartphone. Not only that, but now you can set up specific times that people can enter your house, such as for nannies, house cleaners, plumbers, and even Amazon delivery drivers.

If you own a dog, beware, this new form of technology may not work for you. Amazon delivery drivers have to leave all packages outside if they hear a barking dog. Why? The company Amazon does not want to be held accountable for any of their workers accidentally letting a dog out or having their employees get hurt by a guard dog. And if you are worried about the delivery drivers leaving your door unlocked, don't. The drivers cannot continue and deliver another package until they get a notice that your entry is locked. Overall, this is a great new form of technology to buy if you are out of town often and order from Amazon frequently.

Other Options You Can Do To Protect Your Packages From Porch Pirates

If you cannot afford the $319 discounted price for an Amazon Key, do not worry. There are still loads of other alternatives out there that you can do to protect your packages from being stolen. For instance, always track your packages. Most companies will provide you tracking information such as when the package gets shipped from the facility and each time it gets moved to a new location. Once you receive the notification that your package will arrive that day, you can make sure that you will be around to bring the box in right when it comes.

If your biggest concern is porch pirates, you should consider investing in a lockbox. They usually retail for $129, which is considerably cheaper than the Amazon Key. Although these do not have the high tech app involved that allows you to watch who approaches your door, it does have a scanner. The lockbox can scan your package, open up the locker, and enable the delivery driver to place it in safely. Another great option is setting up a plan with a neighbor to pick up your packages and hold them inside their home until you arrive. However, before asking your neighbors to do such a thing for you, you should perform a background check on them to make sure you can trust them with your packages.

New Neighbor? Trust, Of Course. But Verify Too. It’s Just A Smart Thing To Do

Performing a background check on your neighbor may seem like an odd thing to do, but think about it. What do you know about your neighbors? Asking your neighbors to protect your packages for you is a great way to prevent a porch pirate from stealing them. But make sure that the neighbor you ask is someone you trust. You can do this by using the website GladiKnow is a people search engine that contains nearly a billion public records on people all over the United States. These records can vary from home address, current age, email addresses, relatives' names, criminal records, sex offender records, liens and judgments, bankruptcies, education, and even employment history. The best part is that GladiKnow is 100% confidential. Not only that, but the report will arrive instantly.

The first step when using GladiKnow is to look for the search bar on the website. You will want to type in your neighbors first and last name into that search bar. You can even type in their home address to find out information on them as well. From there, you will receive a massive influx of information on your neighbor.

GladiKnow can be useful in other situations as well. Such as when you are online dating, moving in with a new roommate, classmates, and so much more. For more information on people's search engines, check out this link. Don't let porch pirates get away with your packages. Protect yourself and your valuables by investing in an Amazon Key, a lockbox, tracking your boxes, and of course, asking a neighbor for assistance. Nonetheless, make sure that you can trust your neighbor by using the great people search engine GladiKnow.


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