Stolen Package

Written by Summer Phillips
Last Updated: 8/25/2020
Stolen Package

To evade the coronavirus, a considerable amount of us are internet shopping to an ever-increasing extent. It could be for our clothing, furniture, or even groceries. We utilize such a significant number of applications and sites to get these things, such as instacart, postmates, amazon, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Clients need to place a great deal of trust in the conveyance and bundling frameworks of these businesses. However, sometimes that trust can be broken, not by the packaging and delivery workers, but by porch pirates.

Modern Day Pirates

Humans are talented, meaning they can create new ways to make money, sometimes in the sneakiest of forms. Online shopping has become such a convenient way to purchase goods, there has been a surge in criminal activity revolving around stolen packages, attracting pirates, porch pirates, to be exact. These are people who stalk neighborhood streets looking for delivered packages to take away from the innocent public.

What to do if your Package Has Been Stolen

Ask your neighbors if they might have received it by accident. On the off chance that your neighbors don't have it, go on to the site that you purchased the good from and contact client care. Clarify the circumstance, and in all probability, the organization will give you a discount or replace your stolen goods because the client is in every case right.

  1. Write down the tracking number: Usually, at the end of a purchase, the company will provide you with a tracking number. Write down your tracking number and sign up for tracking updates through text and email.
  2. Use your local post office: If you have purchased something of high value, have it sent to your local post office to ensure its safety of arrival.
  3. Porch Cameras: Porch cameras permits you to have a live video of individuals coming into contact on your entryway patio. On the off chance that you wind up knowing the individual who took your bundle, however, you don't have the foggiest idea where they live, you can primarily utilize GladiKnow to people search and discover their location and contact data.

To ensure you are purchasing from a safe business utilize a people web index like GladiKnow ( to help assuage your nerves.

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