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Last Updated: 1/25/2021
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Is A New Person In Your Partner’s Life Causing Trust Issues?

Do you and your significant other have trust issues? Trust is the fundamental foundation for a healthy relationship. As humans, we make decisions on who we trust every day. However, sometimes people break our trust and never regain it back.

If you are undergoing some serious trust issues with your significant other, best friend, or even a family member, you may need to discuss it with that person. This blog will help inform you of what you can do to fix your trust issues.

What Are Trust Issues

The main reasons for a relationship to fall apart are financial stress, lack of communication, upholding different values, and trust issues. A recent study surveyed 1,000 married women and men between 18 and 65. The study's primary purpose was to examine the level of trust these couples had for one another. About ten percent of the women in the survey said that they did not trust their husbands. And 1 out of 10 said they check their husbands' social media accounts to make sure they are not cheating. In contrast, three percent of men said they check their wives' social media, and only five percent said they do not trust their wives.

Trust issues sometimes stem from childhood. It could be related to the amount of love and attention from your parents, or even abuse. Sometimes trust issues can arise from past relationships, such as a partner cheating. Perhaps your partner always flirted with your friends in front of you or was very friendly with their exes while dating you.

Self-esteem also plays a significant role in whether or not someone trusts easily. When people get bullied, they most likely develop self-esteem issues. When someone has low self-esteem, they tend to think that their partner will cheat on them or leave them for someone else better. In turn, this low self/worth or low self-esteem and constant worry can lead your partner to move on to someone else. Or sometimes, it can be because your partner acts differently, and you get worried they are up to something terrible.

Signs Of Trust Issues

  1. You tend to make predictions about how people are going to betray you.
  2. You place your trust in people you already know are untrustworthy. This tactic makes you feel better and confirms that you cannot trust people.
  3. You do not realize that people need to earn your trust. You tend to give your faith in people too easily to people that do not deserve it.
  4. You steer clear of having deep conversations with your partner or friends.
  5. Commitment scares you. You do not desire to commit to a relationship because you feel like it won't last.
  6. If someone makes a mistake near you, you think they are deceitful.
  7. You feel isolated and lonely. This feeling is a huge indicator that you may be self-sabotaging your relationships. People often feel isolated because they think everyone has a vendetta against them (which they do not).

How To Fix Trust Issues With A Friend or Partner

  1. Always offer to listen to what each other has to say.
  2. Show that you care about the person.
  3. Understand each other's boundaries.
  4. Be there for your partner or friend when they need you.
  5. Your disputes always end up in healthy resolutions.
  6. You both do what you say you are going to do.
  7. You do not get jealous when they hang out with other people, even the opposite sex.
  8. You feel safe around each other.
  9. You are each other's rocks.
  10. Both of you are allowed to be yourselves and express your true identities to one another without complaints or criticism.
  11. Talk about old relationship traumas that still haunt you.
  12. Be open about things you like and do not want in your relationship.

How Important Is The Relationship

Studies have shown that if a friendship lasts over seven years, it will last a lifetime. With marriage, on the other hand, the case is different. Some marriages only last a year or even less like Kim Kardashian, which only lasted 72 days.

All relationships have their reasons for why they have fallen apart, but frequently it comes down to trust issues. If you are experiencing this issue right now, you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Think about the importance of trust and how much you value it. Reflect on whether or not you and your partner have been open about past relationship wounds. People often bring their old emotional wounds into a new relationship because they never worked on fixing it. If you and your significant other have not discussed where you both stand on trust, then maybe it is time. It can be challenging to be open about past trauma to someone, but if this person is your forever partner, you have to be vulnerable with them.

How To Deal With Trust Issues

If you or a partner are undergoing some trust issues, you two can work through it. You have to release the prejudice that you have. When I am talking about prejudice, I am referring to the idea that you think everyone around you will mistreat you somehow. It is essential to remind yourself what you would be missing out from if you continue sabotaging your relationships. Attending therapy can help you work out all of these issues. A therapist will place you in guided practices to help you see where your faults are and where your trust issues stem. You can even do couple therapy. This action is a great way to put everything out there if you are too scared to do it at home. Couple therapy does not have to be for people in romantic relationships. You can do it with your friends, your aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Every relationship is worth fighting for if you genuinely love and adore the person.

What Other Options Do You Have To Clear Up Trust Issues

If you want to try to cure your trust issues by yourself, new, advanced people search engines can help.

For example, let’s say a new person comes into the life of your partner that creates anxiety and trust issues for you. Most likely, the relationship, whether it be a new friend or coworker, is perfectly okay and appropriate. But, you still have concerns. One way to put your mind at ease is to find out more about this person, confidentially. This information could confirm the person is exactly who your partner says they are, or it could reveal that your partner is not telling you the truth about this person.

One of our favorite platforms is Glad I Know | People Search and Background Screening Made Simple. 100% Confidential. This advanced people search engine instantly combs through hundreds of millions of public records (both online and offline) to locate a particular person. It searches home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, family members, and social media, as well as criminal, employment, education records, and more.

Very importantly, the search is always 100% confidential. The only person that knows about your search and the results is you. This people search engine will help clear up any questions you have ever wondered about the new person in your partner’s life.

If you want more information on people search engines check out this great video.


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