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Last Updated: 3/19/2021
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Social Media Cheating

Facts On Cheating

Let's talk about something uncomfortable - cheating. Between the ages 18-29, it has been found that women are more likely to cheat than men (11% vs. 10%). However, when the couples tend to get older, that percentage switches, and men have higher cheating rates. This switch happens around 30-39 years old, and the chances of being cheated on by a man increase as he ages. Men have been reported to cheat the most when they are in their 70s, and it peaks when the men turn 80. But this information about men always having higher infidelity has been known since the 1990s.

Cheating does not all depend on gender. In fact, if someone's mother and father got divorced, their child will have a higher chance of cheating on their partner compared to someone whose parents stayed together. Being religious is a factor that plays a role too. People who attend religious services tend to cheat less compared to people who do not attend religious services.

Extramarital sex is usually interpreted negatively within our American society, but recently its perception has been changing. In 2000, 79% of people believed that extramarital sex should never occur, but in 2016 76% of people said it depends on the situation. So why are people's opinions changing on extramarital sex? One reason could be a decline in faith. People of faith tend to try and avoid any bad behavior, including infidelity. The fact faith has declined in popularity within the United States could be a reason people believe extramarital sex is no longer as bad as it once seemed.

What Exactly is Cheating

Many people have mixed opinions on what cheating is. Many people define cheating as when someone gets physical with another person outside of the relationship. But there are other forms of cheating too. Other forms of cheating include: sending provocative photos to another person outside of the relationship, flirtatiously texting people that aren't your partner, liking other people's provocative photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Cheating can also be defined when someone delets their search history for malicious reasons, creating secret social media profiles, joining dating apps, and posting fake stories on their Instagrams.

How Do People Cheat

As noted, there are various ways someone can cheat on their partner. But how exactly are people cheating behind their partner's back? Well, an easy outlet is by using social media. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram make it incredibly easy to cheat on your partner without them ever knowing. If you do not know already, Snapchat is a photo-sharing app that allows people to send photos of themselves for either a short or extended period of time. You can add anyone on the app to your friend's list, and no one can see your friends list but you. The only way someone can find out who you are snapping is by opening up your Snapchat app and looking at your feed. The feed informs Snapchat users when someone opens and responds to your message. As long as someone does not have your phone or Snapchat password, you should be safe. You can also turn off your Snapchat notifications if your partner is around and do not want them to see who you are snapping.

Another common way people cheat is using Instagram. Instagram is a social media app that empowers its users to share photos of their life. These photos can range from all sorts of things such as selfies, family photos, scenic photos, food photos, and sometimes provocative photos. Liking someone else's provocative photo on Instagram can sometimes be considered cheating. Not everyone believes this is a form of cheating, but it is smart to talk to your companion about it if you truly see a future with that person.

A lot of people cheat by using Instagram's direct messaging. Instagram's direct messaging is similar to texting, except anyone can message you through the app depending on your privacy filters. Communicating with other people through the Instagram app can sometimes be considered cheating if flirty messages are involved. Again, many people get away with this form of cheating because your partner would need to know your phone code and Instagram password. Some cheaters even have a photo album of fake content to post when they are not with their partner. They often will post fake content saying "girls night" or "out with the boys" on their Instagram stories, when in reality they are with someone else that is not their partner. They will even geotag a specific location to trick their partner into thinking they know where they are. Most people who do this form of cheating still want to be with their original partner but desire more spice in their life. However, this is never okay, and if you or anyone you know starts to fall down this path, tell them to talk to their partner immediately so they can work it out.

Why Do People Cheat

As we addressed earlier, people cheat for many different reasons, but researchers have pinpointed some exact causes as to why this occurs. A huge reason why some people cheat is that they are being neglected emotionally by their partner. This sometimes provokes a wedge between the two because one of the partners is not getting as much love and attention they believe they deserve. To gain the affection they are lacking, they turn to someone else and start an affair.

Other times, couples who have been in a long-term relationship get bored with one another, causing one member to go off searching for some excitement. They do this because they get stuck in the same routine, talk about the same things, and basically lose the spark they had at the beginning of their relationship. Researchers have also found that cheaters are often linked to low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem often require self-assurance, and if their partner is not giving that to them, they seek out someone else.

What You Can Do If You Believe You Are Being Cheated On

If you think that your partner is cheating on you, there are ways you can find out who they are talking to. If you noticed a name continually popping up on your partner's phone that you do not recognize, you could look it up on GladiKnow. GladiKnow is an advanced people search engine with over a billion records on anyone in the United States. GladiKnow will provide you a full-length report with information on your person of interest. Their report will include the person's full name, current age, home address, email address, social media accounts, phone numbers, relatives' names, criminal records, sex offender records, liens and judgments, and so much more. If you are anxious about the name that keeps popping up on your partner's phone, look them up with GladiKnow. For more information on people's search engines, check out this link.


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