Social Media Cheating?

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 8/15/2020
Social Media Cheating?

Cheating is subjective; what may be cheating for you is different for another person. Cheating before technology meant infidelity, but now as the times change, so does the term cheating. 

Cheating on Different Platforms

Social media platforms are abundant. The most commonly used social media platforms for this scandal are Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. This form of cheating often happens, most likely because it is so easy to do. 

Most of these scandals involve liking photos, comments, direct messages that could be racy, and cause damage in a relationship. Noted it is not physical; however, it can cause emotional pain for the other partner and develop into something beyond the screen. 

Social media cheating has been coined as micro-cheating. These forms of cheating usually lead to a physical affair. The term can be problematic since everyone's interpretation of cheating is different, but if it is being kept a secret, that usually means the person knows, it is not a proper decision. 

Snapchat Cheating

For those who have not used Snapchat before, it is good to know that it is a picture sending platform. People can send photos to each other that can disappear within seconds, along with that there is a chat feature as well. Notifications are sent when the other person screenshots the message or photo. To see what friends your partner is often chatting with, you can go into the Snapchat contacts and see which names have an emoji by them. Each emoji means something different, like best friends or a Snapchat streak. 

Instagram Cheating

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. Publicly, you can post captions with which friends to like and comment on your pictures and video. Privately, you can direct message people and allow others to interact with you. Instagram cheating can be hard to catch. You can see who is interacting with your significant others' profiles and followers. 

If you are curious about a single person being a threat, take a close look at how Instagram has sorted their content. Everyone's page is different base on interactions. When you scroll through your feed, the first people to show up will be those that are interacting most with your significant other. 

Facebook Cheating

Facebook has been known for its phishing scams as well as catfishing. People will make fake profiles to scam innocent people, usually for money. The following are a couple of signs you should look out for if your partner is using Facebook: 

  • Your partner is taking part in inappropriate messages late at night
  • Your partner does not share the content of the messages 
  • Your partner shuts down the app when you are around
  • You don't know the people on your partners Facebook feed

If you are curious about your partner and how often they are on their phone, you can check the usage. For iPhone users, go to settings > battery, and you will be able to see how much battery is taken up on the individual app you are concerned about.

How GladiKnow can Help You

With a people search engine like GladiKnow (, you can check out whom your partner is messaging with. Gladiknow can provide you with emails, usernames, social media, and other online dating apps. If you are curious, you can look up your partner's email and see what social platforms their emails are linked to. At GladiKnow, everything you search for is confidential.


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