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Last Updated: 2/11/2021
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What Is A Password Manager And How Can It Help Me?

Everyone dreams of having a personal assistant - someone that can make phone calls for you, write down your schedule, and even keep track of all of your passwords and usernames. Personal assistants help make your job and life more manageable, for those few lucky enough to have one. But what about the rest of us? There are ways to have a personal assistant electronically using a password manager. Password managers will collect and store all your usernames and passwords for you. It won't make phone calls or hand write agendas, but it can take away the stress of remembering your passcodes.

According to LastPass, a password security company, the average internet user must remember 191 different passwords just for their work alone. If this statistic didn't frighten you, it is most likely because you are a part of the 52% of people who use the same password for every account they have ever made. But did you know that using the same password for everything is one of the worst things you can do? Scammers love to go after people who reuse the same passwords because it's a super easy win. According to a report from Verizon Data Breach Investigations, about 80% of data that gets stolen is because people create weak, overused passwords.

But as we all know, creating new passwords for every account we make is tedious. And to make it even harder, we now have computer systems informing us that our passwords are too weak and need extra character length and even numbers added onto our password. Even after numerous attempts to create the perfect password that the computer finds safe, the overall end product becomes an unmemorable password. This confusion is why many websites have made the ''forgot password' selection. When we click on a forgotten password, our computer takes us to a new page and tells us to create a new login password. Which in turn creates a cycle of creating easily forgettable passwords only to be used once. This struggle is the reason why people in tech created password managers.

What Is A Password Manager

A password manager is a protection software that can store personal online data. A password manager can also generate encrypted passwords for users. It only requires you to keep track of one password, which is sometimes referred to as the master password. The master password will give you access to all of your passwords to every one of your accounts. You can utilize a password manager to secure usernames and passwords from all kinds of websites such as Gmail, Netflix, Amazon, bank accounts, etc.

Why Are Password Mangers A Great Way To Stay Safe

Having a password manager has a lot of benefits. One great advantage is that you do not have to remember all 191 of your passwords ever again or use the ''forgot password' button. This software will have all of your data saved in one place and ready whenever you need it. It is also great at keeping you away from phishing scams. If you are not already familiar with what a phishing scam is, let me explain. A phishing scam is where scammers send fake emails and texts that pose as an actual company. They can range from telling you have won a prize, you need to update your login credentials, or that you are undergoing a billing issue. If you have a password manager, it will detect whether an email or text is a scam by not placing any passwords into the scammer's fake login.

Did you know that password managers can come in handy even when you have passed away? Password managers are a great way to help out your inheritors once you pass on. A password manager would allow your inheritors to access any documents and files that they need to assign where your funds will go and to whom. All you need to do is pass on your master password to someone in your family or whoever is in control of your finances. It can also help protect you against identity theft. Identity theft is where a scammer steals personal information from someone, such as their social security number and credit card information. Password manager software creates rigorous passwords for you that are too difficult for a human or computer to decipher. Therefore, this will decrease your chances of a scammer stealing your identity.

Alternatives If You Do Not Want To Use A Password Manager

If you do not feel comfortable having all your passwords stored in one place, here are some other options:

  • Continuously update your working framework when accessible
  • Utilize secure work area highlights
  • Enact auto-lock on your PC by doing this can forestall digital programmers from utilizing your information.
  • Utilize solid and confounding passwords

The Importance Of A Background Check

If you decide not to get a password manager, you might be putting yourself at risk. If you are considering giving anyone your passwords, or even your “master” password, a background check is a great idea. Trust, of course. But when it comes to your passwords and financial accounts, verify too. It’s just the smart thing to do.

The great news is that new, advanced people search engines make this a snap. One of our favorites is Glad I Know | People Search and Background Screening Made Simple. 100% Confidential. It is easy, reliable, and inexpensive. GladiKnow will provide you instant and confidential access to nearly a billion public data files on any person in the United States. Here's how you can utilize it: Go to and input the person’s name and location (or address) into GladiKnow's people search engine. From there, you will get an instant confidential report on the person. This report will include the person’s current age, address history, existing emails, phones, names of relatives, employment status and history, education levels, social media accounts, criminal records, sex offender files, liens, judgments, bankruptcies files, civil records, traffic and infraction records, licenses, permits, and a lot more.

Now, you can compare the information the person told you with what GladiKnow has provided. Ask him or her about their current age, employment status, education history, names of relatives, emails and phone numbers, or any piece of information you choose from the report in front of you.

This process works perfectly in ANY circumstance such as, online dating to roommates, classmates, friends, or romantic partners. For more information on GladiKnow, the advanced people search engine, check out this great video.


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