Reunite with Lost Family and Friends with The Best “Person Search” Technology

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Reunite with Lost Family and Friends with The Best “Person Search” Technology

Family and friends are about celebrating, connecting, and creating cherished memories — whether you’ve lost touch with loved ones through distance, disagreements, or even lost contact information - this is the year you can bring your family together once and for all.

Being apart from your family and old friends or classmates for years or even decades, with no idea where they are or how to contact them, is hard. This is, unfortunately, the reality for many people, who have spent years apart from long-lost loved ones.

Often though, a story of separation ends with celebration - some families have been lucky enough to find their way back to each other as seen on TLC’s series Long Lost Family.

Recently, many owe their happy reunions to the power of the best Person Search technology like

The Story of Ayu Razak
Ayu took to Twitter to ask for help in finding her long-lost biological mother. The 22-year-old was about to get married and wanted her birth mother and biological family to attend her wedding. She included what little information she knew about the woman and old photographs of her in her tweet.

Shortly after posting the tweet, Ayu received a direct message from her biological aunt, who immediately put her in contact with her birth mother.

Later that night, the pair reunited after 22 years apart, well in time for her wedding.

Using a people search engine like Glad I Know is the fastest way to gather the information you need to find someone. You only need their name and any former location (city and state) name to get started. Thanks to this new and innovative tool, GladIKnow has thankfully reunited thousands of long-lost friends, family, classmates, and colleagues.

Who would you like to get back in touch with?

Looking for someone?

Finding loved ones is easier than ever with advanced technology and people search engines like Start searching today. You’ll be glad to know.

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