How to Protect Your Private Data on Public Wi-Fi

Written by Mikki Krause
Last Updated: 5/8/2020
How to Protect Your Private Data on Public Wi-Fi

You know when you got to Starbucks to catch up on some emails, and you connect to their public WIFI, you could be putting yourself at risk of getting hacked. This can also happen when you are just on your phone. Finding an open WIFI network is easy, especially when you need to check your bank account, social media, or other platforms that require attention.

A lot of people do not expect open WIFI to be a streamline for private data for hackers. Some hackers will go to public areas just for this reason. If you are anxious about the person sitting across the coffee shop from you, maybe go up and introduce yourself and get their name. Getting someone’s name and using a service like GladiKnow can help you feel safe and secure.

With a public records search, you can have access to criminal records, personal information, email addresses, locations, phone numbers, and addresses. Once you have their name just enter it and you’ll get the search you need!

Hacker can see what you are seeing

When using search engines like google or Bing, it is essential to understand in a public place people can easily look over your shoulder and snap a picture of your screen. But without having to do that, hackers can easily look into the public WIFI and hack you. People use the internet for a myriad of things. Often for banks, social networking, or emailing. Just understand when using a public WIFI that information can be at the hands of a hacker in a second.

Track logins and credentials

Once in your system, it is accessible for hackers to use the File Transfer Protocol to get your credentials. File transfer protocol (FTP) is essentially creating connections between clients and the server. The hackers can see home many times you visited a site and what you used to log in before you access them. Social media websites and banking websites use these protocols.

Private Profiles

If you are using a private profile while on a public wifi service, hackers can have full access to that information. So when you are at a coffee shop or a library, and you go to take a break from work and check Snapchat, hackers can see your profile.

But it's just social media.

So what can hackers do if they have your private personal accounts?

  • Message your connections and scam them
  • Make payments to advertisements
  • Manipulate your profile and essentially catfish you to get information out of someone else who trusts you
  • Use your photos and videos to upload on a site
We all spend a lot of time on social media networks. It is a way for up to feel connected. Make sure you keep as much personal information off your accounts.

How to stay safe when connected?

This blog could be alarming, but don’t be afraid here are some tips

  • Identity a legit business
  • Never go on a free WIFI unless it is reputable.
  • Never assume you are safe
  • If you are in Starbucks and you go to connect to wifi, and it says “coffee lovers” it is safe to assume that is not Starbucks WIFI even if you are at a coffee shop. Always double-check with the workers what they have their wifi titled as.
  • Public search record
  • If you can get ahold of basic information and still feel off about the person. Try and run a public record search using services like Gladiknow to ensure safety and minizine anxiety.

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