Phone Meets Water: The Devastating Story of Lost Contacts

Written by Amanda Houston
Phone Meets Water: The Devastating Story of Lost Contacts

Envision this. Your friend asks you to take a day off work and spend time at their lake house. You agree because you need to de-stress. Your first day there you go kayaking. The kayak is a simple Manatee kayak where the only storage space is at the top piece of your kayak. You need to keep your phone with you, so you hid it in your life vest. Next thing you know, your kayak tips over making you and your phone fall in. You just lost all of your saved contacts!

How to Restore Contacts

Even though your phone took a dip, do not fret because you can restore your contacts on your phone!


Did you know that androids use Google to restore phones? Well, they do! Click on the following items on your phone to back up your contacts: settings, system, backup, then click back up Google Drive. Now, if you want to restore the contacts you lost during your kayak adventure, you can click the following: settings, google, services, restore contacts. Your android is now fixed, and you can call all your friends and let them know about your eventful kayak trip.


iPhones use a system called iCloud to backup and restore almost anything on your phone. To achieve this, you go to settings, Apple ID, iCloud, and contacts. To reset, you can click on settings and restore connections.

How to Find a Missing Phone:

Great news! Both Androids and iPhones have tracking features. Android's use Find my Phone and iPhones use Find my iPhone. Both companies use apps and allow you to request and follow as many of your contacts as possible.

Backup Did Not Go as Planned:

If your backups did not work correctly for whatever reason, there is still a solution to gain contact information. There are search engines like GladiKnow that can help you.

GladiKnow makes searching for people easy and effective. You can search by name, email, address, or street address. The most common form of searches is by first and last name. GladiKnow is a perfect tool to use if you need to rebuild your contact list.

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