Phone Meets Water: The Devastating Story of Lost Contacts

Written by Amanda Houston
Last Updated: 8/25/2020
Phone Meets Water: The Devastating Story of Lost Contacts

How To Restore Data And Find A Missing Phone: iPhone And Android

Sometimes our phones go through trauma, which causes our contacts and data to be lost. Perhaps your friend asks you to take a day off work and to spend time at their lake house. Your first day there, you go kayaking. The kayak tips and over go you and your phone into the lake! You just lost all of your saved contacts, photos, calendar dates, and more. Disaster! Losing all the data on your phone is never a fun experience, but there are ways to retrieve it.

How to Restore Contacts

Even though your phone took a dip, don’s stress - you can restore contacts on your iphone and restore contacts on your android phone as long as you have backed up your data to the cloud.

Android: How To Retrieve Lost Contacts and Data

Android devices use Google to restore data on phones. First back up your data: Click contacts: settings, system, backup, then click back up Google Drive. Now, if you want to restore the contacts you lost during your kayak adventure, click: Settings, google, services, restore contacts. Your android is now all better, and you can call all your friends and let them know about your wet and eventful kayak trip.

iPhone: How To Retrieve Lost Contacts and Data

iPhones use a system called iCloud to backup and restore almost anything on your phone. Go to settings, Apple ID, iCloud, and contacts. To reset, you can click on settings and restore connections.

What If Your Contacts Cannot Be Restored?

Unfortunately, under some circumstances - for example if you did not back up your contacts and data - you may not be able to restore this important information. If so, don’t worry. You can very often find complete and up to date information on your most important contacts through a quality people search platform like

All you need to locate the right person and restore the contact is the person’s name and location. Even if you do not know the exact city, GladiKnow’s free locator search will help you identify exactly who you are looking for. It is a perfect tool to use if you need to rebuild your contact list. If you want your friends' phone numbers, you can use the GladiKnow search bar to find their numbers. From there, you will be given all of their contact information so you can get on with planning your next Kayak trip.

iPhone: How To Retrieve Bookmarks and Reading Lists

The best way to restore your Safari bookmarks and reading lists is by going to Once you get there, go to account settings. You will see a button that says 'Restore Bookmarks.' Click on the restore button and wait for everything to load. Keep in mind, if you make any changes during this process, iCloud cannot save them.

How to Find a Missing Phone

Great news! Both Androids and iPhones have tracking features. See: How to find my iphone and how to find my Android phone. If you have an Android or iPhone, you can use their phone tracker applications to locate it. With an iPhone, open the Find My application. You can open this application using a computer, iPad, or someone else's iPhone. Then, click on the devices tab. Choose the device (i.e. iPhone) you want to find and get directions to where the phone is.

What if you find your iPhone is at an address you do not recognize. One great first step would be to find out who lives there. A great way to do this is to enter the address into an advanced people search platform, like These websites use advanced people search technology to gather data on any person in the United States. Type in the address and the instant report will provide the homeowner’s (or tenant’s) name and contact info such as phone numbers and email addresses. In addition, the search includes social media accounts, criminal records, employment history, bankruptcies, licenses, weapons permits, and much more. You will get the full picture on the person that has your phone.

Whether your phone is in the hands of a good samaritan or someone else, performing a background check using the location of your phone is a great tool. No matter the situation, you will have access to the person who has your phone, making it easier to retrieve.

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