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Last Updated: 2/19/2021
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The Best Way To Find And Connect With Old Friends

Why Do Friendships Matter?

Creating friendships is one of the best feelings, but those friendships tend to dissipate as we age, making it hard to reconnect and find old friends. But it is ever so important to keep those special friendships alive. Are you aware that having friends can increase your serotonin levels? Serotonin is a hormone that balances our moods, which in turn makes us feel happy. Having friends can also help reduce your anxiety levels, give you a sense of purpose, decrease the feelings of loneliness, and even help us live longer. This is because the love and affection that evolves out of real friendships affect our cognitive and physical health, especially as we age. It is in our human nature to socialize and make connections with other humans.

When people do not feel happy or fulfilled with friendships, it has been shown that they put themselves at health risks - such as depression or obesity. That is why it is essential to narrow down the people that make you feel best about yourself. But luckily, a study that revolved around aging friendships found that we actually do this action subconsciously as we age. Why? The article, "Friendship in Later Life: A Research Agenda," figured out that the elderly gain more mentally when they are emotionally cared for, so if a friendship is not offering that, that relationship is let go. Therefore, it is okay to relinquish friends who no longer hold your values and beliefs but keep the ones that bring you positive emotions.

As we age and get married and have kids, we tend to focus all of our time and love on our husbands, wives, and children more often than our friends. And this is a regular cycle of life. Focusing on our biological relationships and the people we live with is normal. But it is essential to balance our time with our family and friends because each offers such different forms of comfort. But if you are like most humans in this world, connecting with friends can be hard when you have secluded yourself for so long. If you want to get back out into the word and rebalance your social life, know that this is a normal desire.

Part of the aging process is halting your world for a moment and reflecting on your life. If you are currently going through this halting process right now, you should think about reaching out to old friends you still care about deeply. This notion of reaching out may scare you for multiple reasons. Maybe you and this friend had a falling out, or you both have different beliefs now. If this scenario fits you, it is essential to think about why you want to rekindle this friendship. But nevertheless, if you genuinely believe that this friend is worth reaching out to, they will most likely accept you in open arms no matter how many years have passed without communication.

How Do I Find My Old Friend's New Address, Phone Number, And Last Name

As the years have passed, both you and your friends have most likely gone through quite a transition. Some of your friends may have moved to new cities, gotten married, changed their last name, and got a new phone number. But do not worry, there are ways to find people even with a couple bits of missing information. Most people will turn to social media platforms to search for old pals. However, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not the ideal ways to find people.

For example, Facebook requires you to already know someone's name to look them up on their website. You may be thinking, well, that is not hard. I know my childhood friend's name. But do you know if your friend has gotten married and changed their last name? If your answer is no, searching for your childhood friend using their paternal last name will most likely end in failure. Not only that, but when you look anyone up using their first and last name on Facebook, you will get a thousand people popping up with the same name. This can be perplexing and stressful.

But suppose you found your friend's profile after hours of searching through Facebook's database. Even if you did find their profile, their account might be private. This creates another tedious barrier between you and your friend from reconnecting. If you found your friend on Facebook and want to continue forward in this long process, the next step would be to send a friend request on Facebook over to your friend's account. The issue with this is not everyone is extremely active on Facebook, so your friend may not see your request for weeks, let alone months.

Calling or emailing, or writing to someone directly is often more personal and a much better choice. It feels much more heartwarming, particularly when you have not chatted with this person in a couple months or years. But you may be wondering, well, how can I do that if I do not know my friend's new email or phone number. Well, you are in luck. There is a people search engine called GladiKnow that can gather all of that information for you in an instant. The advanced search technologies used by instantly comb through hundreds of millions of public records (both online and offline) immediately to locate a particular person. They make searching for people much more accessible than on social media sites and provide much more detailed information.

How To Locate Old Friends

  1. New, advanced people search platforms are a great, inexpensive way to locate long lost friends. One of our favorites is The first step to finding your old friend is typing in their name and any location they have lived at, now or in the past.
  2. Once you input their name and location (or address) into GladiKnow's people search engine, you will immediately get a confidential report on the person. Including that person's current age, current and past addresses history, current and past emails, current and past phone numbers, names of relatives, their employment history, education history, social media profiles, criminal records, sex offender records, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, civil records, traffic and infraction records, licenses, permits, and much more.

Of course, this technology works perfectly in any circumstance when you want to learn more or the truth about someone, such as online dating to roommates and classmates, to new friends or romantic interests - the list goes on!)

For more information on the new, advanced people search engines, check out this great video.

Utilizing an advanced people search engine like will help you connect with lost friends in a matter of minutes. Now, you have a great resource to connect with old friends! Should we get started?


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