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Last Updated: 3/26/2021
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Is Your Blind Date Who They Say They Are?

Throughout this pandemic, many of us have turned to online dating websites and apps to create new connections while following stay-at-home orders. To keep ourselves safe and others safe, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) requests that all of us stay home and only hang out with our household members. Due to this lack of interaction with the outside world, people created accounts on dating apps/websites to find a shot at love during this pandemic. However, many of these people that join these dating apps and websites will eventually meet a roadblock at some point. Ultimately, you and the other single will want to meet up face to face (not on Zoom). But unfortunately, it may be a long time before that is possible due to the ongoing pandemic. This situation may cause you two to talk for months on end without ever seeing each other in person.

The pandemic has caused loneliness and fear in many of us. When those two emotions combine, humans tend to rush into intense relationships to combat those feelings in exchange for peace and comfort. But when the time does come, and you two can meet up, it is essential not to place high expectations. Many people feel more comfortable talking online than they do in person because there is a barrier between them. It makes it easier to say things that they would not usually say in person, hide their insecurities and even alter how their face looks (i.e. through photoshop).

Keep Your Expectations Under Control

If you have ever used a dating application and met up with someone in person, I am sure some of your expectations had fallen flat. When you meet someone online and create a connection, you start to romanticize them. This is because you have never met the real them. But when the day comes and you meet, their physical characteristics may shock you, such as their height or their mannerisms. It is essential to control your expectations so you can avoid being too disappointed.

Perceive Each Other on A Deeper Level

It is common to get trapped in a conversation that only revolves around talking about the pandemic. Although it is essential to talk about your experiences, try to talk about other subjects that may lead to a more in-depth conversation. You have most likely already talked about what you like and what you do not like by text. So what does that leave to talk about? There is a new card game called, We Are Not Really Strangers. This card game has different levels that dig deeper into people's emotions, thoughts, and passions. For example, the game asks questions like, what have I tolerated in the past that I no longer have space for? This question is great to ask someone you've just met because it helps set boundaries right away, allowing the relationship to flourish. This game is a fabulous way to get to know the person you are on a date with and help keep the conversation running.

Give the Relationship Three Shots

If you connected well with the online person over Zoom or by text, but it didn't go so smoothly once you met in person, give it two more shots. You most likely raised your expectations too high and got let down. Plus, it isn't easy transitioning from only doing Zoom calls for months to finally meeting in person. It is essential to acknowledge that and allow yourself to adjust. That is why it would be nice to give the person two more chances. This action will help you figure out whether they are worth your time.

Know That Your Time Is Valuable

If the three in-person dates did not give you the strong connection you were looking for, do not continue to plan more. Even if the girl or guy you went on the dates with keeps insisting, be honest with them and say no. Know that your time is valuable. If you are on a mission to find a wife or a husband, you can no longer waste time on someone you do not see a future with. And that is okay. About 90% of the people you meet online will not be the correct person for you.

If You Do Plan to Meet Up

If you decide to meet up with someone from the internet, it is essential to take precautions. About 1 in 10 profiles are fake on dating apps and websites. People make these fake profiles for multiple reasons, but frequently, it is for scams. These are called romance scams or catfishing. People that perform these romance scams are criminals. These criminals lure lonely people into their web of lies. These lies usually include a sob story. For example, they lost their job and cannot pay their bills, and need your assistance. The criminals will often ask for your credit card information, social security number, or for you to send them money directly using PayPal.

How to ensure you will be safe when meeting up with someone from the internet:

  1. Make sure you meet in a populated area. It would be best if you met at a crowded place where there are lots of other people. Such as coffee shops and restaurants.
  2. Inform a friend where you are going to meet up with your date. It is important to tell one of your close friends who lives by you where you are going so they can keep tabs on you.
  3. Share your location with a friend. If you are not comfortable with sharing your location with someone 24/7, you have the option on "Find My Friends," a location sharer app powered by Apple, to only share your location for a short period.
  4. Ask to do a phone call or Zoom before. This practice will ensure that the person matches their pictures on their dating profile. No one wants to meet up with a catfish.
  5. Perform a background check. This action is a significant last step to take before meeting with the person you met online. Background checks provide a substantial sum of information that could keep you safe.

How to Perform A Background Check on Your Online Date

An excellent website to utilize when wanting to perform a background check is using GladiKnow. GladiKnow is an advanced people search engine with over a billion records on people all over the United States. This website is 100% confidential, and the report will show up instantly. All you do is type in your date's first and last name into their search engine. From there, you will receive all kinds of information on your date, such as their current age, email addresses, social media accounts, home addresses, sex offender records, liens and judgments, bankruptcies, criminal records, and so much more. This people search engine is also great to use when you are getting new neighbors, new classmates, nannies, etc. Dating online is such a great way to meet new people, but make sure you are safe. For more information on people's search engines, check out this link.


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