Is your blind date who they say they are? 3 Reasons to run a people search before you meet

Written by Valery Caputi Lopez
Last Updated: 11/23/2019
Is your blind date who they say they are? 3 Reasons to run a people search before you meet
Know how to tell the real deal from a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Relationships are tough. Even with a person’s full cooperation and the best of intentions, it’s no walk in the park to get to know someone inside and out truly. But what is a single person to do when a potential partner intentionally misrepresents themselves from the start?

Thanks to social media profiles, dating apps, and personal websites, it’s never been easier to put on an attractive facade for the unwary few who take what they see online at face value. But while some lies are benign and nothing more than a slight nuisance, others can be downright dangerous.

Rather than get scared, online daters got smart and began to leverage the power of a high-quality online background search solution like Gladiknow to hedge their dating risks and keep unscrupulous characters firmly outside their inner social circles.

Here are some great reasons to run a reverse person lookup on your future blind-BAE:

1.To start a new relationship with a clean slate

Although having baggage is an unavoidable fact of life, everyone knows the kind that they’re willing to accept -or even tolerate- in a romantic partner. There are plenty of good reasons why a recovering alcoholic wouldn’t want to date someone who was recently convicted of a DUI, or why someone who doesn’t like children would prefer not to get involved with a single mother or father. Our reasons for preferring specific traits in another person are personal and unique to ourselves, and no level of social media profile stalking will give you all the information you need to make that important decision.

A simple online person search like Gladiknow is the first step to determine if someone will be compatible with the life you already have as well as the goals you hope to achieve.

2. To find criminal arrest and conviction records (or a lack thereof)

While we don’t suggest judging all crimes equally, a documented criminal history for a blind date may be a big red flag that definitely should not be ignored. The date of the offenses are important clues as to whether or not your blind date is actively engaging in unlawful behavior or if those offenses are firmly in their past, and if this fact is something you’d be willing to accept in a future spouse who’s limited job prospects or behavioral issues may hinder your collective earning potential.

3. To keep your home and loved ones safe

Preparation is good, but prevention is better. The best defense against would-be online predators is to throw politeness out the window and not give potential suitors the benefit of the doubt since that’s exactly the opening some of them are looking to exploit.

CBS Austin reported a story on a repeat sexual offender who regularly used dating apps like Bumble and Tinder to meet and assault his unwary victims. And as recently as 2018, The Daily Mail published an article of their own about a man who had been stalked, threatened, and sent over 65,000 text messages by a woman he dated only once.

As sensationalistic as these headlines may seem, they’re firmly grounded in truth as almost every adult has had their own “bad blind date” story to tell.

Take the necessary steps to make sure the next one isn’t yours by using the incredibly fast and confidential background search services of a certified background records platform like Gladiknow. With a comprehensive online database of over 600 million records, it will be the best and most versatile tool in your 2019 dating kit, guaranteed.

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