Online Dating Advice 101

Written by Amanda Houston
Online Dating Advice 101

Finding your match made in heaven used to be hard, but not anymore thanks to the many dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, eharmony, Hinge, Raya, The League, Zoosk, etc. Online dating allows you to get to know the person before you actually meet in person, and you get to be the decider when that happens. Although online dating seems like a magical place to find love, it does have its downsides. The person you matched with could potentially be a psychopath.

For instance, your conversations online are running smoothly, you both get along, the conversation flows well, and BAM you are suddenly in love with a human you've never met. But you have to remind yourself; this is his/her internet personality, you still have to meet this human in person.

Here is how to protect yourself:
  1. ALWAYS meet in a public place. This will prevent your date from doing anything sketchy to you. You can meet at a populated park, a coffee shop, a beach, or even switch things up and meet at a Walmart.
  2. Keep your friends informed. When meeting up with someone new, always provide your friends with your date's phone number, first name and last name, a picture of them, and the date's location. If the date went smoothly and you decide to continue the date and go somewhere else, text your friends and let them know. Not only that, but share your location with your friends so that they can track you at all times during your date.
  3. Be a spy. Stalk your date on social media to see where they went to school, how many followers he/she has, whether he/she gets comments on their posts, if their friends seem reasonable, etc. However, sometimes that is not enough information in this day in age. We can go deeper into our date's lives. Creepy right? You can use the website GladiKnow to see if your partner has a criminal background. This website will give you every piece of information on your date. Even their mother's name. Talking point on the first date? I think yes, just kidding.
  4. Be cautious throughout the date. Even if he or she seems reasonable on the first date and asks to go somewhere private, respectively say no and tell them you want to get to know them better before hanging in more private settings.

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