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Last Updated: 12/18/2020
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"Micro Cheating" And How To Catch A Cheater

Unfortunately, no relationship is perfect. People fall in love and out of love more often than you might think. This loss of desire in a partner can lead some to stray. Sometimes people cheat because they are too afraid to tell their partner they no longer want to be with them. Other times, they have destructive issues, or are maybe mad at their partner for something they did. The list goes on.

According to the website, only 25% of men had admitted they cheated on their wife or girlfriend, and only 15% of women shared that they have cheated. Cheating may not be as common as most people think, but it is always important to keep an eye out for infidelity signs.

Reasons Your Partner May Cheat

If your partner feels neglected emotionally, meaning you two no longer have engaging conversations together, try becoming more engaged with them, and care for each other when needed. Make a point of showing your love and compassion every day. Sometimes if a partner feels bored in a relationship and feels like no significant changes have happened, they might want to add some “change” in their life by starting a fling in secret with someone else. It is never easy to keep a relationship vibrant and exciting and fresh. Many relationships do not work because they were bad matches. However, if you genuinely feel like your partner is your match, but you think they are cheating, try to identify and understand why this is happening.

Types Of Cheating And Ways To Do It

The first step to understanding the leading cause of why your partner may be cheating on you is knowing the differences between each type of cheating. There are different forms of cheating, many nonphysical. The most commonly known form of cheating is meeting with someone other than your spouse and initiating a physical relationship. This type of affair is always prevalent in the media and entertainment including Hollywood movies - one of the key reasons many people think cheating is common. One of the lesser-known forms of cheating is "micro-cheating." Micro cheating is where someone is very close to crossing the line of cheating. However, an actual definition of micro-cheating is hard to describe because every relationship upholds different values and boundaries. Micro cheating can range from consistent flirting with your barista at Starbucks to swiping on dating apps for fun. A lot of micro-cheating happens online.

People have begun using apps like Snapchat and Instagram to flirt with people other than their significant others. Snapchat is a social media app that lets you share photos with people, but the catch is these photos are only up for three seconds. People initially used Snapchat to transmit personal photographs to other selected users. It has become a huge hit and is used to keep up with friends in a non-sexual way. On the other hand, that has not stopped many people from using it for their cheating tendencies. The more you snap at a particular user will cause you both to earn emojis next to each other's names, and these emojis each stand for how long both people have been snapping each other. The crazy part about this application is that you can become friends with just about anyone on the app, and most people will accept you without even knowing who you are. This action is sometimes how people meet new people and start to micro cheat.

Another very popular app, Instagram (now owned by Facebook), is a photo-sharing platform that allows people to "like" and "comment" on people's photos. Depending on a couple's boundaries, liking another girl's bikini photo on Instagram that is not your wife or girlfriend can be considered cheating in some relationships. On this app, you can also send direct messages to other users. Many people utilize this message service to flirt with other people without their partner knowing. If you have any worry that your partner is cheating on you through social media, there are ways to find out.

How To Find Out More About Who Your Partner Is Talking To

It is always concerning if you think your partner is carrying on a relationship with someone behind your back. If you suspect your partner is cheating with someone, there are ways to find out the truth. One great solution is using new, advanced people search for technology to instantly and confidentially find out more about who your partner is talking with. is one of our favorites. It gives you instant and confidential access to nearly a BILLION public records, both online and offline, on any person in the U.S.

Here's what you do:

  1. Very often, you have discovered the name of someone “new” in your partner’s life. Perhaps it is a name you know already, perhaps not. The “new” name could come from a text, or a phone call log, or a note, or from a conversation with a friend, just to name a few.
  2. Input that name, into the search engine and instantly get a confidential report on the person, including age, addresses and address history, emails, phones, relatives, employment history, education history, social media profiles, criminal records, sex offender records, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, civil records, traffic and infraction records, licenses, permits, and much more. The full picture!
  3. Then, if you wish, you could reach out to the person - through the phone or email or social media profile provided in the Comprehensive Report. The person may put you at ease, and confirm that the relationship is harmless or purely professional. OR, if there is something more, very often the person has been misled by your partner - for example he or she may have been told that you and your partner have broken up, or have separated. If this is the case, and that person in learning the truth for the first time, likely you two will have a lot to talk about. The point is, you will learn the TRUTH about what is happening, and be able to make the best next decision for you, with that knowledge.

Obviously, this process works perfectly in ANY circumstance where you want to learn more or the truth about someone, from online dating to roommates and classmates, to new friends or romantic interests - the list goes on! For more information on the new, advanced people search engines, check out this great video.



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