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Last Updated: 2/2/2021
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How to Be Safe When Dating Online:  Catfish Edition

Are you currently in the love market looking for a future companion? Well, if you are: Beware of an online catfish. When looking for love, especially when doing so on the internet, it is common for people to come across catfishes attempting to swim into their love lives. And unfortunately, it is becoming more common to match with a catfish online as technology advances. Why? There are many reasons why catfishes are so abundant nowadays, but one of the primary reasons is that people are more comfortable with looking for love online more than they did before. Meaning there is more opportunity out there for catfishes to scam unsuspecting people looking for love online. This blog will help inform you on companionship, provide you specific online dating apps and sites, and even how to avoid catfishes and perform a background check.

Why Do People Want A Companion?

Having a companion is a part of our human nature. One aspect of why we want a companion is that our society tells us that we must find a partner to feel fulfilled in life. However, as most people know, you do not need a partner to succeed in life. But sadly, it can be hard to remove those societal pressures out of our heads. And either way, we gravitate towards having a relationship with someone because we as humans love to feel like we are a part of something. Being in a relationship gives us a sense of meaning and value. Not only that, but being in a relationship is nice because it is someone to go on vacations with, watch movies, have in-depth talks, and to love and be loved back. But sadly, finding a partner can be challenging for many reasons. One prevalent one is that we sometimes search for the perfect partner that fits our every desire, which can sometimes be unrealistic. Thus causing us to overlook the people right in front of us who may not be 100% perfect but a great match. When looking for a future partner, do not overlook people too quickly unless you think they might be a catfish.

Dating Online and Dating Apps

Like most people in this country, if you overwork yourself to make a comfortable living, then most likely you do not have time to go out searching for the love of your life. Assuming that making time to socialize is a challenge for you, may lead you to utilize the 21st-century technology of dating apps and online dating websites. Luckily for you and the rest of the world, there is an incredible amount of dating apps out there that focuses on specific types and groups of people. For instance, a dating website called Christian Mingle is mainly catered to Christians looking for a long life partner who will uphold the same virtues and values as the seeker. And for example, some other dating apps were designed solely on helping members of the LBGTQ+ community find love, like Grindr. It is incredible how inclusive technology has become. Another excellent example of a dating app that specifically caters to a specific group is Raya. Raya was created to help people in the Hollywood scene find love. To start swiping on potential mates, you have to get accepted into the community first. The committee that runs Raya must check out your Instagram profile to ensure you are up to par with the other members that are on their app. But almost every single one of these apps could potentially have catfishes in their dating pools.

Online Dating Risks To Look Out For

When it comes down to online dating, there are risks. Online dating can be risky because anyone can make a profile, whether for good or bad intentions. But the issue is not that all people worldwide have access to using these dating websites or apps, but it is the fact that any user can use any name, photos, or information they want when creating these profiles. There are no background checks performed (for most of these apps and dating websites) when applying to join these singles communities. But there are ways to perform your own 'background' checks. For example, most dating websites ask and or require users to attach their social media. This action helps people notice if they are talking to a catfish. If a dating profile does not have a social media account attached to it, I would be concerned.

How To Use GladiKnow As Your Personal Background Checker

Let's say a person's profile attracts you beyond words but does not contain any social media. Because you are already so invested in this person's looks, you decide to start chatting with them online even though they have no social media form attached. They tell you where they are from and even pass along their phone number to you. To double-check that you are not talking to a catfish, you can use GladiKnow is a people search engine that will send an instant confidential report to you. This report will provide information on your potential partner's social media accounts, phone numbers, home addresses, and so much more. That way, you can compare if any of the information they tell you matches up with the report from GladiKnow. Gladiknow is a direct-to-consumer people search engine that offers the most comprehensive database of information on any person in the United States. Over 600 million public records probed instantly. You can find anyone now with their made-to-order reports, including criminal, sexual, civil, financial, and up to date contact records. This website will help you find your true love quick and safely, with just a few clicks of a button.

Things To Look Out For When Chatting Online With Strangers

There are so many unique ways that people are falling into the traps of catfishes these days. Here is a list of critical things to look out for when online chatting: If the person you are chatting with ever asks for money, that is a red flag. It is never appropriate to ask someone for money, especially when you do not know them. Suppose they ask you to send them photos of yourself, but they are not sending you any of them in return. Most dating profiles already have a significant amount of pictures of each person; it is not customary to ask for more. This is an excellent sign that they are catfish because they do not want to reveal their real face. Another sign is if the person you are chatting with always bails on meeting up. Although this may seem like a sign they do not like you, it could mean you are talking to a catfish.

To end this blog, do not forget that having high standards is not bad; it is essential to recognize what you are looking for and what qualities your partner should acquire. This idea should be kept in mind when swiping on potential partners on dating apps and websites. Make it a part of your standards to go after people who have all their marbles out on the table in the very beginning so that you can avoid being emotionally or physically abused by a catfish. And of course, it is never a bad idea to utilize GladiKnow's people search engine if you have any lingering doubts about the person you are talking to.

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