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Last Updated: 1/26/2021
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Online Dating? Tips and Safety Tricks.

Dating is already hard, but it just got 10x harder due to the pandemic. We can no longer meet people at coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and parks. So what can we do to stay active in the dating community? Online dating is a great solution.

Last year, 49.7 million Americans were looking for a potential partner on the internet. Also, there has been a six percent increase in online dating over last year for individuals between 55 and 64.

Dating online is a safe way to connect with singles without risking the potential of getting the virus. According to the Pew Research Center (PEW), about 31% of people are single in the United States. And the great news is that whatever you are looking for, whether it be something casual or serious, there are people out there wanting the same things. The research center found that it came to be about half and a half on whether people wanted to be in a casual relationship or something serious.

However, if you decide to date online, be aware that scammers thrive on these sites.

Fun Facts About Dating Online

If you decide to look for a future partner online, it is a good idea to be aware of the statistics that go along with online dating. Women tend to peak at age 26 on online dating apps. However, studies have shown that when men reach age 48, they become the more desirable ones on the internet. Meaning men have two times more online dating options than women at age 48.

Be aware that people lie on their dating profiles. The five most common things people have confessed to lying about is their height, weight, age, job, and income. About 20% of women said that they used a photo from their younger years to attract potential partners, and 40% of men said that they have lied about their profession. People looking for partners online always want to sound the best they can to score a date, which is why lying sometimes comes into the playing field.

Keep in mind that where you set your location on apps matters. If you plan on using a dating app in the Chicago area, most likely, there would be a fair amount of singles located in that city. If you are looking for someone to marry in Utah, your options might be pretty slim due to most people being married in that state. A lot of people think dating apps are superficial, but in fact about 64% of people said they were looking for a partner that they connected with mentally not physically. But about 49% of people said that they were looking for someone they find physically attractive.

Some online daters may not be aware of this sad fact, but most online relationships end by email and not in person, about 48% to be exact. I believe this is because more and more people are getting comfortable communicating through technology than in person. Therefore, breaking up with someone over email or text is becoming less rude as time goes on. Overall, based on these statistics, it is easy to conclude that it is always best to be yourself in order to attract the right people. It is never a good idea to start a relationship lying.

First Steps When It Comes To Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, it is essential to research which dating app would be best for you. The most well-known dating apps right now are Hinge, Raya, Bumble, and Tinder. But those apps are more directed towards a younger crowd that is more open to something casual. Do not fret. There are excellent online dating websites for seniors, such as, eHarmony, OkCupid, and Silver Singles. Most of these dating websites cost money, which indicates that whoever makes accounts on these websites is serious about dating. They even offer trials for you to use. These trials are a great way to test the waters and see if the singles on those sites fit your desires.

Be prepared that these dating sites are going to ask you personal questions such as: do you have children, do you want children, what is your occupation, what city do you live in, do you travel, have you been married, are you a widow and what kind of activities you like to do. You are never required to answer all of these questions, but it does help attract more people. People tend to feel safer when all the answers are out on the table. If you seem like a closed book, people may not want to match with you. The whole point of online dating is to put everything out there. Online dating is similar to making a brochure about yourself to entice other people.

Safety Tips and Tricks When It Comes To Online Dating

Once you have started chatting with people online that you have matched with, it is essential to be on the lookout for catfishes that could be identity thieves. Dating websites are a hot spot for scammers. About one in ten dating profiles are fake. Scammers create fake online dating profiles to obtain personal information such as social security numbers, passwords to bank accounts, credit card numbers, and more. If anyone ever asks you for this type of information, they may be a catfish. When you are chatting with a potential life partner, your bank account passwords usually do not end up in the conversation. As long as you are smart when talking with new people online, you should be fine.

Another great safety tip is to stay away from giving away your personal information too soon. When I refer to confidential information, I am talking about phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, and social media if you have any. If you are talking to someone dangerous, they can use this information to harass you. It is better to stick to the messaging attached to the online dating website you are using. Also, giving away your home address could make you susceptible to theft in your home. One of the best safety tips, especially during the pandemic, is to use video chat instead of meeting up in person. This action will protect you from catching the virus and protect you from meeting up with a dangerous stranger that you do not know that well. You can video chat by either using Facetime on your phone or using an application like Zoom.

Stay Safe: Perform A Confidential Background Check BEFORE You Meet In Person

New, advanced people search engines make it simple to confirm the person you are about to meet (or the person you have already met) is who they say they are. is one of our favorites. Simply input the person’s name and location, and the site searches through nearly 1 billion public records (both online and offline sources). The confidential report includes criminal records, sex offender records, employment and education history, home address, family members, social media accounts, and so much more.

It will help ensure that your online dating partner's information is accurate, and if they are someone, you can trust. For more information on people search engines and how they work check out this great video.


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