Older and Online Dating

Written by Mikki Krause
Last Updated: 7/20/2020
Older and Online Dating

Older and Online Dating? Tips for Staying Safe

Dating is often intimidating to seniors. Especially now, with technology, understanding how to navigate through online dating apps can be confusing and misleading. Feeling out of touch is normal since most mature adults meet in person at diners, drive-in movies, coffee shops, etc. 

There is a large percentage of Americans singles that are over 50 years old. When we feel alone, it is reasonable to stray away from our comfort zone activities. Once you learn how to navigate dating apps, it can be less intimidating and rather dull. It is essential to understand your safety and how to protect it. Being unaware can make you the perfect victim for online crimes such as fraud, identity theft, and even violence or abuse. 

Preparing for Online Dating

Online dating apps have been made for all sorts of interest. If you have a smartphone or a computer, you are already close to becoming an online date ready! If you do not have a smartphone or computer and would like to invest, that would be a great idea. There are tons of classes available for seniors to learn techniques such as your local library or even your grandkids! 

Furthermore, researching and reading articles like this one will help you in your online dating experience. A myriad of websites can help you, but the most popular is the AARP dating site. Talking to people who are have dated online will also give you first-hand knowledge of their experiences. 

Dating Sites and Senior Match

Apps like Tinder or Hinge can be a bit intimidating for mature adults. These dating apps have their personality; Tinder and Hinge can be labeled as more of a hookup culture than meaningful relationships. The internet has made it accessible to find apps that are accommodating to your intentions. 

SeniorMatch and Silver Singles contain a pool of appropriate age individuals who usually aim to find someone who is like-minded and start a meaningful journey together. There are the main sites like, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid, which are perfectly acceptable but can have a larger pool of people and cost money. The dating sites that cost money offer better security than free sites. The costly sites will provide trial periods, which is a great start to see if you even like the experience of online dating. Dating sites that cost money will sort out the scammer profiles and take them more seriously than free ones. 

Online Dating Safety

After you have set up your profile, what is next? Now you will be swiping or matching with people and maybe having the potential to meet with them. 

  • Do not venture off
  • Getting comfortable too soon can lead to bad ideas. Try to stay on the dating app. By that, we mean avoid requests to communicate through emails, phone calls, or texts. 
  • Disclosing information
  • Always be wary of what someone's intentions are. Being an older mature adult, you may be a target, and revealing where you could live or a coffee shop you often frequent may be leaving you vulnerable. Oversharing can make you susceptible to identity theft and fraud. 
  • Video Chat
  • Given Coronavirus's current environment, it may be in your best interest to video chat someone before meeting them. People often catfish, so this can ensure that the person is legitimate, and you can get a sense of who they are over the camera. If you do not have a camera, places like Best Buy, Target, or any sites that sell electronics will have one to attach to your computer. 

Now that you have done that, you may want to graduate to see this person in the real world. Taking common-sense precautions is necessary. Let someone know whom you are meeting up with and where. Try to check in and let your friends or family know how you are doing. 

Using sites like GladiKnow (, a person search platform, to fact check people is an excellent security source. Using GladiKnow, you can input names or a number and do a full background check. So when you go on your real-world date, you can make sure they are telling the truth and feel safe. 

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