Finding and Connecting With A Lost Friend: The Right Way

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 2/19/2021
Finding and Connecting With A Lost Friend: The Right Way

As the years go by, we naturally tend to lose contact with people we were once close to. Most of the time, it's not intentional. We get busy with our work and our family. These circumstances can make it hard to keep up with other people's lives when trying to focus on our own. There comes a pause in time when we make reconnecting with old, lost friends a priority in our lives for many of us. Depending on the amount of time you haven't seen them, finding them can be quick, or it may require some further investigating.

If you are attempting to find an old childhood friend you haven't seen in many years, you might need to put on your investigator's cap. When searching for a childhood friend, work colleague, classmate, or even a former romance, there are some vital and essential things to keep in mind: Did they change their last name, did they move to a different state or city, change their phone number? These are great questions to consider when searching for someone. People change every day, whether through personal growth, experiences, or appearance.

When searching for a lost friend, many may first turn to social media, like Facebook or Instagram. Facebook certainly is entertaining, but with more than 2.5 billion users on Facebook, using the platform for a focused person search may be near to impossible.

Facebook is a great site to use once you have already found your friend. It allows you to keep up with your friend's recent activities by looking at their shared photos and posts and can allow you to send direct messages to anyone you are friends with on the site. But keep in mind finding someone on Facebook is challenging. For example, many people worldwide have the same first and last names and even middle names, making finding a particular person quite tricky.

In short, using social media to find a lost friend may not be the best solution. If you are reaching out to a friend you haven't talked to for a long time, you will most likely want to connect in person. If you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to reach out and reconnect, this may feel less personal.

Personal connections such as a phone call or meeting in person are much more robust and fulfilling than connecting through social media alone.

The great news is that new, advanced people search engines like can be a huge help in locating a long lost friend, and enabling a personal connection by phone, email or letter. These platforms use advanced search technology to instantly sift through hundreds of millions of public records (both online and offline sources) to locate any person of interest. The best part, the search on, is always 100% confidential. The only person that ever knows about the search and the results is you.

These advanced people search engines like will search for addresses, phone numbers, emails, relatives, associates, employment, education, and much more - essential information for you to reconnect in a meaningful way. If you want to rekindle a lost friendship, do it the best way - a personal connection through a phone call, letter, or email - not a social media "instant' message. When you are ready, is here to help you rekindle that lost friendship.


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