Lost Touch with Old Friend

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Lost Touch with Old Friend

Lost Touch with an Old Friend?

Life moves fast, and sometimes we forget to check in with those we love. Other situations can involve losing a friends number or email address that you used to reach them at, what can you do?

The first step in trying to locate lost friends is reaching out to mutual acquaintances. These people may be in contact with the person still. If that does not work, there are reliable websites that can provide you with information and confidentiality. 

Seeking out websites that include

  • Accessibility and easy to use
  • Retrieving and consolidating information you seek
  • Understanding your privacy and respect it

Users from GladiKnow have experienced all this and more! While you might feel at a loss without the person's email or phone number, all you need is the first and last name. At GladiKnow, we can help you find your lost friends TODAY! 

  1. Identify people whom you used to be close with, an old friend from high school or college. 
  2. Ignore your negative inner monologue. It is so simple to fall into our negative thoughts, "well, what if they don't miss me?" "What if they don't remember me?" all these thoughts can set you back from creating a bond with an old friend. 
  3. Just go for it! If you have something specific holding you back, such as apologizing, do it. People are willing to forgive. 
  4. Read some stories about people reconnecting with old friends to inspire and motivate you to do the same thing. Things to Overcome
  5. Feeling awkward is normal after not seeing someone for years. When using websites like GladiKnow, you might find information that you were not aware of, like a new job. Research can help with conversation starters. It is easy to feel isolated in the world when you do not have your close friends near. Reaching out to old friends to make meaningful connections is an excellent opportunity to explore the whole. Using sites like GladiKnow (, a person search platform can give you all the information to start connecting.

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