Is Your New Neighbor a Porch Pirate?

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 12/29/2019
Is Your New Neighbor a Porch Pirate?

How To Catch A Porch Pirate

We are all at home much more frequently these days. As a result, many of us are shopping on the internet much more than we have in the past. It could be for our clothing, furniture, or even groceries. We utilize such a significant number of apps and sites to get these things including instacart, postmates, amazon, just to name a few.

When online shopping, place a great deal of trust that our purchases will be delivered to the right address and on time. However, sometimes, that doesn’t happen. It could be an innocent mistake or a misdelivery. Or it could be more sinister. You could be the victim of the growing scourge of porch pirates.

Unfortunately, along with the rise in internet shopping, there also has been a surge in criminal schemes around stolen packages - porch pirates, to be exact. These are people who stalk neighborhood streets looking for delivered packages to steal. Most of the time, these thieves are gambling when they take your package. The pirates have no idea what they are stealing - it could be as simple a package of toothbrushes, or an expensive game console (jackpot!).

What to do if you believe your package may have been stolen:

  1. First, ask your neighbors if they might have received your package by accident. Very often, this is the simple solution.
  2. If not, contact customer service. (List on stores with top customer service.) Clarify the circumstance, and in all probability, the store will replace your purchase.

To help in the process, it is always a good idea to keep your order and/or tracking number until the package arrives. Write down your tracking number as soon as you have completed your purchase and sign up for tracking updates through text and email. These updates are usually offered during the checkout process. If you have purchased something of high value, it would be best to have it sent to your local post office to ensure its arrival safety. Another excellent safety precaution is buying front porch cameras. Cameras permit you to have a live video of individuals coming into contact on your entryway or patio.

Now, what if your package is missing and you have an idea (suspicion) who may have taken it? Perhaps there is someone new to the neighborhood, or someone you recognize that has been coming around the neighborhood or your house more frequently recently.

One starting point may be to gather some additional information on the person of interest. What you find might surprise you. Trust? Of course, but verify too. It’s just a smart thing to do.

New, advanced people search platforms make this process so easy. One of the newest and best people search engines is Glad I Know. You can search any person in the U.S. either by name OR by address alone. So, if you have a new neighbor but don't know his or her full name, no problem. Input the home address and let Glad I Know’s advanced people search technology go to work for you. It instantly searches hundreds of millions of public records, both online and offline, and delivers the results to you instantly, and 100% confidentially. You can also search by name alone.

With the information in hand, you can then decide what to do. Perhaps your suspicions will be confirmed - if the search of the person of interest comes back with multiple records of criminal theft. This information would be important to the police, and typically the police will not do a background check unless they have direct evidence of the crime. You, however, have no such limitation and are free to conduct your 100% confidential search anytime you wish.

Either way, using Glad I Know's advanced people search technology gives you options on how to handle your porch pirate situation.

Also, in the event you are considering making an online transaction directly with an individual buyer or seller, or even perhaps meeting the buyer or seller directly (should I meet directly with a buyer or seller I met online). If so, Glad I Know is also a fantastic tool to research the person beforehand to get the full picture on who you may be doing business with. When it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, it’s just the smart thing to do. References:

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