Is Your New Neighbor a Porch Pirate?

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Is Your New Neighbor a Porch Pirate?

The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but nearly 26 million Americans reported having holiday packages stolen from their front porch or doorstep, one study last year found.

The convenience of online ordering and free shipping offers keep the packages piling up on porches everywhere. And it’s not just packages that are at risk from curious children and nosy neighbors. According to the survey, 22.6 million Americans (7 percent) have also had holiday decorations stolen or vandalized.

Even if you’ve never had a package stolen before, the risk of falling victim to “porch pirates” continues to increase.

What can you do to prevent this crime wave from affecting you?

Get to know your neighbors.

Package thieves take advantage of the fact that most people these days don’t know their neighbors and are unlikely to notice – or care about – a random stranger picking something up from a nearby porch.

When people look out for one another, however, criminals have a much lower success rate. There are popular initiatives like Neighborhood Watch and National Night Out and websites like Nextdoor that provide organized options for taking that first step toward meeting neighbors.

One fantastic resource is GladIKnow’s Search By Address Lookup tool to look up the names and contact information of people who live near you.

Good neighbors help one another and share information about suspicious activity and are much more likely to call the police if they see a crime in progress.

Having a package stolen is one of those things that happens frequently enough its likely going to happen to you. In the future, consider having your packages sent to your office instead of your home, or to a neighbor’s house that is at home during the day.

Want to send someone a package or present, but you don’t know their mailing address?

Try GladIKnow’s Search By Name Lookup tool now.

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