How To Use the Internet to Find Your Next Career

Written by Mikki Krause
Last Updated: 6/30/2020
How To Use the Internet to Find Your Next Career

How to Use the Internet to Find Your Next Career

If you are seeking out a job, make sure your online portfolio is good to go. Starting with LinkedIn, this is a website where you can sell yourself to companies, expressing all your best attributes that you'd bring to the table. 

Finding a Place to Contribute and Participate 

There is a group of people for everything. Get involved with groups within your workplace. You would be surprised at the hobbies your colleagues have, and they could be similar to yours. Building a network is essential. If you don't have a big pool of colleagues, look on Facebook or Reddit to get involved with forums and communities. This form of networking is excellent. You can get your name out there and show a different side of yourself. Being part of the same circle with a potential employer can help raise your profile and give you some advantage of getting hired. 

The Right Fit

You want to stand out; essentially, you are competing against a pool of people. If you are curious about what potential employers are looking for, don't guess, ask someone. Recruiters are good people to ask when you have questions about a particular position. Also, when you ask these people, it will put you on their radar. Finding the right community is great; it provides value and ideas. Solve problems and help people out. For example, if your expertise is marketing, help someone out, and do a project. 

Making Connections

Making a connection online can be difficult and short-lived. You may have a name and a job title and nothing else to reach out to them. You might want to send a direct message to someone and ask more about opportunities if you need to dig deeper GladiKnow (, a person search platform to provide information.

Reaching Out

Reaching out to someone for a referral is nerve-racking. Make sure you start with the right person. If you want to work at Tesla and build up your engineering resume, you won't email Elon Musk. You want to make sure you're in touch with people slightly above the position you want. They will be more likely to respond and help you out. 

Keeping being persistent, if you want a job, applying is the first step. Continue to build your online profile and making new contacts.

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