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Last Updated: 1/4/2021
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How to Find a Phone Number or Email Address On Facebook

As you know, Facebook is the massively popular social media website designed to keep people connected across the community, state, country and globe. This website allows anyone to create a personal profile. Within this profile, you can upload a photo of yourself and some personal information. Information such as your birthday, email address, single or married, phone number, the schools you attended, and even the city you live in. Facebook has a feature that lets you write posts that will ultimately be uploaded to your page for your friends to see. Just about anyone can see these posts unless you make your account private, meaning you only allow a select few to see them.

Facebook's website is a great tool to utilize to keep people updated with your life. There is a thing called Timeline on Facebook, and this is where you can see other people's posts. Each Facebook user can comment on people's posts. Also, anyone can organize groups on Facebook - these groups usually align with particular interests, for example, gardening. Not only that, but your posts can gain likes from other users. Likes are a way to show people's positive reaction to your post. Facebook's primary focus is to keep people connected no matter where they are, which is why they allow people to provide all sorts of information on their profiles.

However, this type of power to instantly gain information on people can sometimes be addictive, so be careful how much time you spend on this site. Facebook is known to be one of the top sites that connects people all over the world. But sometimes, seeing what your friends are up to all the time can make people dependent on the website. Many people are starting to rely on social media websites to keep friendships alive instead of meeting up in person. Studies have shown that internet friendships do not last as long as face to face friendships. It is essential to educate yourself on the possible dangers of this addictive social media site so that you do not fall down the rabbit hole of being online all the time.

Facebook's History and Statistics

The social media platform was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg to keep Harvard students connected. However, due to growing popularity, by 2006, Facebook was open to the public. As of 2018, the company's net worth was 5.14 billion dollars. The company has a total of 33,606 employees. Each month about 2.37 billion people utilize this social media platform, and each day, 500,000 new people become active users.

About 1.62 billion people go on Facebook each day. About 1.4 billion people use their social media groups each month. Each of those 1.4 billion Facebook group members belongs to one of the 10 million groups created on the site. About 74% of Facebook users are "high-income" earners, meaning it is not just for Millennials and Generation Z. In fact many of Facebook’s users are between the ages of 50-64 or 65 and older. With this many Facebook users posting their personal information on this site, it is a great resource to look up a person's phone number and email.

How To Find Someone's Phone Number Or Email Address On Facebook

If you are interested in finding someone's phone number or email to contact them, Facebook is an excellent starting place. To find someone's phone number on Facebook, you need to become 'friends' with a person online. First type in Facebook into Google. Once you arrive at Facebook's homepage, you can either create an account or log in to an existing one. If you want to create an account, there is a sign-up button next to the login. The process is easy and only asks you a couple of questions. The last step is creating a password. Then set up your profile.

Once you log in to your account using your username and password, Facebook will take you to your homepage. You will see a search bar—type in the name of the person you would like to look up at the top. Now scroll through all the profiles until you find the person you want. Once you see the person you want to find, click on their username. On their profile page, you will notice a button that says 'Add Friend.' Click on that, and once they accept your request, you can see all of the personal information that they allow their friends to see. For example, if you added a long-time friend from elementary school on Facebook, you will be able to gather their email and phone number if they include that information in their bio.

Keep in mind that 2.37 billion people utilize Facebook every month and that many people have the same first and last names. Searching for a particular person on Facebook can sometimes be time-consuming. Scrolling through a long list of people with the same name makes it challenging to find the right person. That is why it is useful to type in more information about the person in the search bar, such as the city they are from, the state, their job, universities they attended, etc.

If you do not know this type of information about the person, you can use one of the new, advanced people search engines like to help.

Another thing to know is that some people on Facebook are more private than others, which means that they may not include their phone numbers or emails in their profiles. Facebook runs off of trust and allows people to put everything out there, but not everyone is up and ready to do that. This site is powered by the phrase social trust, meaning online users believe other online users will respect their personal data.

What Can You Do If The Person You Are Searching For Does Not Have A Facebook Account, Or If Their Contact Info Is Blocked?

If the person you are searching for on Facebook does not have a profile, or if their contact information is blocked (as private) or there are other solutions. Fortunately, new advanced people search technology platforms search through public records (both online and offline) to locate anyone in the United States. For example, GladiKnow searches over 600 million data records on any person in the U.S. The search is instant, and always 100% confidential. The search will include home addresses, email addresses, employment history, criminal records statewide, licenses, family members, social media profiles, and so much more. Now you do not need to rely on Facebook to gather people's information.

For more information on the new people search engines and how they work, check out this great video.


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