How To Restore Contacts

Written by Mikki Krause
Last Updated: 8/11/2020
How To Restore Contacts

The summer is upon us, and this means our phones might be taking a swim. There is no worse feeling than your phone going for a dive in the pool and having to rush to put it in rice. If you are like most people who are unsuccessful and cannot revive your phone, you understand the stress that comes with losing all your data. Coming to grips with losing photographs, texts, and contacts, it is a horrible feeling. 

How to Backup and Restore Contacts

Even if your phone completely breaks or decides to cool off in the pool, it is avoidable not to lose your data on your phone, and this is how. 


  1. Since androids are paired with Google, it will back up and restore your phone from there
  2. To back up contacts
  3. Settings > System > backup > turn on Back up to Google Drive
  4. Restore contacts onto a new device
  5. Settings > Google > Services > Restore contacts

For iPhone 

  1. Apple products use iCloud.  
  2. Settings > Apple ID> iCloud> Contacts (if it is green that means your contacts are already backed up) 
  3. To restore onto a new device
  4. Settings > Restore contacts

Locating a Lost iPhone or Android

Both phone providers offer tracking features for misplaced devices. Google uses Find My Phone, and Apple's is Find My iPhone. They can help you recover your phone and or other devices paired with it. 

Deleted Contacts

There have been horror stories when people try and update their software for their phones, and their contacts are deletd. This incident has occurred for both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you must understand that a backup is crucial for saving your phone's data. 

Search to Find Missing Contacts

Say you did everything, you backed up your phone and tried to restore your contacts, and it did not work. There are people search engines like GladiKnow that can help you. 

GladiKnow makes searching for people easy and effective. You can search by name, email, address, or street address. The most common form of searches is by first and last name. This tool is a perfect to use if you need to rebuild your contact list.

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