How to find your Birth Parents in a Closed Adoption

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 6/20/2020
How to find your Birth Parents in a Closed Adoption

How to Find Your Birth Parents in a Closed Adoption?

About 65% of people who are adopted want to find their birth parents. Open adoptions are the most common form of adoption, but older adoptees or Americans adopted from foreign countries have to deal with sealed adoption records. Also, some individuals conceive through a sperm or egg donation, and in that case, there is no explicit identifier. Two of the largest databases to start with are AncestryDNA and 23andMe.

Ancestry DNA

This is an effortless way of getting your ancestry done. AncestryDNA will send you a DNA kit once you’ve purchased it. It will include a prepaid envelope and a test tube. It is a saliva sample that you will have to send off once you complete it. Ancestry relies on an enormous database that may include relatives that have done a similar test. Not only will you get your ethnic background, you can discover relatives as well.


Similar to AncestryDNA, 23andMe does genomic testing that specifically can help you understand your health concerns if they are linked to your family. The report you will receive back can inform you about a carrier of diseases or if you have the genetic predisposition for dimples. The FDA has limited the depth of medical analysis it provides. If finding your birth parents is your primary motive, this might not be the site for you.

You Have a Name! Now What?

Like most people, you will probably type in the name you found, and tons of pictures, social media, articles, will pop up, but how do you figure out who you are looking for? This is where people search for tools like GladiKnow (, which is a person search platform.

GladiKnow is a perfect way to start and end your search. GladiKnow can confidently find and search through over 600 million valuable records by having a first and last name. This search can help you find locations, age, and relatives.

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