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Last Updated: 3/26/2021
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How to Find People Online.

Each generation has a story to share that usually depicts some common struggle that we 21st-century people could never phantom. For example, my great grandparents passed on the story of how they came over to the West Side of the United States in a covered wagon. They said that the covered wagons were so uncomfortable that it was often better to walk beside them than ride them. My grandpa would share stories of what it was like to work on the rough and tough railroads.

For my parents, their story to share is what it was like to live before the internet. Tim Berners-Lee first created the internet on January 1st, 1983. Many people did not understand the internet's capacity and even think it would have this type of power it has today. Many people refer to life before the internet as a more peaceful, less stressful time. But we do have to provide props to the internet. The internet has created a more accessible life for people, such as providing a plethora of information, giving us the ability to shop online, and even making it easier to connect with people worldwide faster and easier than ever before.

Life Before The Internet

Back in the day, when people had to write research papers, they had to use Encyclopedias. A set of encyclopedias would provide information on all sorts of things. The encyclopedias would be updated at least two times every ten years. That means you are stuck with whatever information is in that encyclopedia unless you were told differently by word of mouth. Before there was the internet, people had to use actual paper maps to find their way around. They did not have GPS systems or Google maps accessible. People also had to explain directions to others around them quite often. Instead of describing street names, many people would use objects or markers to help guide people where to go.

There was also no Apple music or Spotify available. You had to use a record player and build a library of albums for entertainment. Each record could cost around seven dollars, while a Spotify membership costs ten dollars a month for unlimited access to every artist that ever existed. If you ever had an important event coming up, you would have to schedule it on a paper calendar. If you did not check your calendar, you might often slip up and miss an event. And let's not forget about the reality that email did not exist yet. People had to handwrite letters to each other to connect with people. If you had a family that lived in a different state than you, you would most likely have to write letters to find out what they have been up to.

Nowadays, if you want to go to a fancy restaurant, you can now make reservations on their website or app. But back then, you would have had to call over the phone and make the reservation. When it came to depositing money into your bank account, you would have had to take time out of your day to ride to the bank and wait in line to talk to the teller. Now, all the banks require us to do is sign the back of our checks, take a picture of it, and boom, our money is in our bank accounts. Speaking of money, let's talk about shopping. Today shopping inside a store has become an excuse to get out of the house, but before, it was necessary. If you had to get anything, such as milk, cooking utensils, or new shoes, you would have to depart from your house to get them. And if the store you shopped at didn't have what you wanted, you had to order them from a catalog and wait up to 6 weeks for your item to arrive. Nowadays, we can shop online for our groceries and get them delivered to our house in the next hour. With the power of the internet, there is no need to leave your home anymore.

Today, we can book our flights by ourselves, but that wasn't always the case. If you wanted to go on a trip, you had to hire a travel agent. Travel agents would make all your reservations for you. Although that sounds nice, I believe having the ability to make your travel plans makes the trip more personalized. We have all become accustomed to Zoom over this last year due to the pandemic. But can you imagine getting your work done without it? Before there was the internet, people had to drive long distances for their work meetings because video chats did not exist yet. And let's not forget about the 'How To' books. These were lifesavers back then because they would teach you how to do particular tasks. We can now use YouTube and type in just about anything we want to learn about, and there will be over a thousand or more videos to choose from.

Many of us face the strain of seeing too much news at one time. Some of us have subscribed to certain news outlets causing us to receive many notifications on our phones about worldly events. These notifications can sometimes be overwhelming for our brains. But back then, people relied solely on newspapers to inform them what was happening in the world. They would get a new newspaper every Sunday which would have unique stories and headlines. And let's certainly not forget the way we would get in touch with other people. Before there was Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Instagram, there were Telephone books. Telephone books would list people's names and numbers organized by geological areas. But that was the only information it would provide on the people. Nowadays, we have apps and websites that can show us all sorts of information on people.

How To Find People Online using GladiKnow

For example, if you are ever interested in learning more about someone other than their name and phone number, you can use the great, new advanced people search platforms, like GladiKnow. GladiKnow is an advanced people search engine with over a billion records on anyone in the United States. You can type in anyone's first and last name into their search bar to receive results. Once you have done so, GladiKnow will send you an instant report on your person of interest. This report will include all sorts of information such as their home addresses, relatives' names, email addresses, social media usernames, liens and judgments, criminal records, sex offender records, phone numbers, current age, education, and employment history, neighbors, weapon permits and so much more. The most satisfying part is that GladiKnow is 100% confidential. For more information on people's search engines, check out this link.

So much has evolved over the years, and a considerable part of that has to do with the internet. The internet has made life so much more accessible. It is nice to know that finding out information can be right at your fingertips, primarily if you use the people search engine known as GladiKnow. There is no need to let old friendships, extended lost relatives, for example, fade away. GladiKnow will help connect you to anyone at any time of the day.


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