Highschool Reunions

Written by jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 8/8/2020
Highschool Reunions

Thinking back to high school can either be enjoyable or cringeworthy. For me, it was cringeworthy at times, but for the most part, enjoyable. I think about the late nights, Friday night lights, cheer practice, and my friends. I was a part of a close group of girls and have been since we were in middle school. Graduating was terrific, mainly because we knew in a short five days, we would be off to Cancun for our Senior trip. 

As our high school reunion approaches this summer, I give credit to those that can track down our graduating class. You may think well everyone is on Facebook, sorry to break it to you, they are not. If you are trying to find old classmates, GladiKnow ( is a people search engine that can help with the search.

1. Maiden and married names

When you are looking through your yearbook, make sure you use people’s maiden names. If you are aware that they are married to someone, then also search for their married name. People often do not change their names if they are in an established career or built something off their last name. 

2. Old Address

GladiKnow can also find information based on addresses. Using an address can help you either connect with the person you are looking for or maybe family members.

3. Find Siblings

If you remember that Barbra had an older brother, try to search for her brother’s name to gather the information you need.

4. Rely on Friends

Delegating working is okay, especially when planning a high school reunion. Say you found the person you were looking for with the help with GladiKnow. Have that person send you a list of names and numbers of people they are still friends with from your graduating class. 

5. GladiKnow Searches

A high school reunion is hard to organize. Trying to bring together the whole class is a bit tricky, especially if you don’t have all the information. GladiKnow has a myriad of different searches such as name, reverse phone, reverse address, reverse email, and username searches. Using a people search engine like GladiKnow can aid you in making the perfect reunion! 

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