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Last Updated: 1/5/2020
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“Free” Babysitting By Friends, Family or Neighbors?  Great!  Just Make Sure It’s a Safe Environment For Your Loved Ones

There are many ways to find a babysitter, but finding a safe and reliable and trustworthy babysitter is not a walk in a park. About 69% of parents say finding a good sitter is hard. Everyone has different needs when it comes down to what they want their babysitter to do. This need could include picking up around the house, changing diapers, taking the kids to school, and even making lunches and dinner. Sometimes people give too many jobs to their babysitter to perform. If you want to find the perfect caretaker for your family, ask some of your friends and neighbors who they would recommend. Just make sure that you are asking people who you respect. You want to ask parents that practice your same parenting skills. The last thing you need is a recommendation for a sitter or nanny who lets your kids watch tv for hours on end and eats all your food!

Statistics on Babysitter's

Did you know that only 2.9% of babysitters are men? That means 97.1% of babysitters are female, according to Priceonomics. Women tend to be viewed as more nurturing than men, which is probably why most men shy away from the job. There is also a belief that male babysitters will be harsher on the children, which is not true. Therefore, if your neighbors recommend a male babysitter, stay open to the idea. Another interesting fact is that babysitters committed only 4.2% of crimes against children. Meaning children are safer with the babysitter than they are with other adults. It is always a great idea to find a babysitter that has some safety training. About 66% of parents said they would pay their babysitter more if they were CPR certified. About 33% of parents said they would pay more if the caretaker had a child care certification. Not only that, but 41% of parents said they would pay more for a sitter if they had a college degree in education. Currently, right now, the average pay rate for a babysitter is $17.73 for one child. This price is way above the federal minimum wage in most states, which can sometimes burden parents. Try to find a babysitter that can work around the amount you can afford.

Why and How To Interview Your Babysitter Or Nanny

I know it may seem silly, but it is important to interview your babysitter or nanny. Performing an interview will help you get a feel for the babysitter. You can introduce them to your kids and see how well they get along. Some people are not good with kids, and it is very noticeable. Interviews are a great time to show the babysitter around your home. You get the opportunity to show them essential spots around the house, such as first aid kit, emergency numbers, pajama drawers, healthy snacks, board games, how to work the tv, how to lock the doors, etc. By prepping the babysitter, you ensure that your kid or kids will have the best possible time in the safest of environments.

But let's get back to the interview portion. Interviews should always be in person and never be over the phone. This action will ensure that you are not hiring a catfish. It is a good idea to research and prepare questions to ask the babysitter or nanny. As I mentioned above, each family has different needs, so it is good to be super upfront with your questions. Right below is a list of questions that can assist you in getting started in brainstorming interview questions.

List of questions to ask your future babysitter or nanny:

  1. How old are you? Most babysitters start babysitting at the age of 16, but if having a babysitter that young feels unsafe, you can respectively decline their services.
  2. What ages have your babysat before? This information will help you decide if you think the babysitter or nanny is well equipped to care for your child or children.
  3. What is your pay rate?
  4. Can you drive yourself home after? Sometimes you may hire a babysitter when you want a night out. Sometimes you may not be able to take the babysitter home because you had a couple of drinks. It is good to check if your babysitter can get themselves home safely without your assistance.
  5. Can you work on weekends?
  6. Can you speak different languages? Some parents want their caretaker to teach their children how to speak a foreign language.
  7. Could you tutor my children in [pick a subject]?
  8. Are you comfortable with watching multiple children?
  9. Have you ever committed a crime?
  10. What are your goals after you complete your senior year of high school or college? This question ensures that the babysitter or nanny has aspirations, which can be a good indicator they care about their life, meaning they will care for your children's lives as well.
  11. What are your study ethics? This question helps you check and see if they are a well-rounded person.
  12. How would you like to be reached? Some people prefer by text or phone call. Make sure you find out which way the babysitter wants to be contacted to get the fastest responses.
  13. Can you perform CPR? Babysitters trained in CPR are usually in high demand. If you get a babysitter who knows how to do CPR, they might ask for a higher wage.
  14. Do you have any siblings? If the babysitter has siblings, that usually means they have taken care of their brother and sisters before. Good sign.
  15. What is your schedule?
  16. Can you be on call?
  17. Do you know how to cook? If you are the type of parent that wants your kids to eat nutritious meals each day, you might want a babysitter that knows how to use the oven and stove top.
  18. Are you okay with using knives?
  19. Are you okay with playdates?
  20. Are you allergic to any pets?

“Free” Babysitting By Friends or Neighbors? Use GladiKnow To Make Sure Your Children Are In A Safe Environment

No matter if you find a babysitter or nanny that you like, you should gather some more information on them. If you are one of the very lucky ones who has the opportunity for “free” babysitting by a relative, friend or neighbor, it is a great idea to use an advanced people search engine like to make sure your children are in a safe environment with that person. This advanced people search technology searches through public records (both online and offline) to gather key information on the friend, relative or neighbor. Type in the first and last name and location into GladiKnow's people search engine. You will then get the full picture of the person BEFORE you allow them around your children. The people search engine will search over 600 million public records, both online and offline, including phone numbers, criminal records, family members, sexual offender records and much more. That way, you can then see if there is any alerting information.

Trust? Of course. But verify too. When it comes to the safety and security of your loved ones, it is just the smart thing to do. Now you can enjoy your much deserved weekend with the comfort of knowing GladiKnow has your back. For more information on people's search engines and how they work, check out this video.


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