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Amanda Houston Written by Amanda Houston
Last Updated: 10/16/2020
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First Step When Investing: Search the Founder of the Company

Currently, right now, there are so many new and exciting products coming out. Let's say new technology excites you, and you want to get in on the action, but you are not creative enough to come up with your own product. Well, good news, you can still partake in this new technology adventure by investing. Investing is a great way to build up some extra funds that you could use for a rainy day. If you play your cards right, you could even come out as a millionaire.

If you are an average person (like myself), you will have to dig deeper to find the best new forming companies. You will want to research companies' histories from the very beginning. Something overlooked most of the time when researching companies to invest in is searching for information on the founder of the company. Using a people search engine, such as, will allow you to type in the founder's first and last name and provide you with all sorts of information. Information to look for in this particular situation would be criminal records, bankruptcies, education history, employment history, associates, social media, and even traffic and infraction records.

Let's break down why each of these components is important to look into when investing in a company.

  1. Criminal Records: If the founder of the company that you are interested in has a criminal background such as bribery, forgery, money laundering, etc. You may want to step away because the company will most likely not be loyal to you.
  2. Bankruptcies: Some companies file for bankruptcy to obtain debt relief, which is not always a bad thing, but it is something to watch out for when looking for a company in which you want to invest. If the company is new and fresh, they should not have filed any bankruptcies.
  3. Education History: As we move on to more modern times, our society realizes we do not need to go to college to do well in life. Many people have built some of the wealthiest companies while never graduating from colleges, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Does that mean a college degree can hurt you in the long run? No, it can't (other than the crippling debt, that will hurt, a lot). So you must be asking yourself, why look at the founder's education history if a degree does not matter? Well, the answer is, you still want to make sure that the founder graduated highschool. If they did not graduate from high school, it seems like they might have issues with commitment, which could reflect on the company.
  4. Employment History: It is essential to check and see if the employer has a history of working in the field that his company is evolving around. If the founder worked as a sue chef most of his life and then created an app that will help bring people back to life, you might want to question where they got their Frankenstein Ressurection knowledge.
  5. Associates: The people you hang out around reflect who you are; if his associates have worked for failed companies, have harsh criminal records (which can be searched on, then you would most likely want to disassociate from that company.
  6. Social Media: This is a huge one. If the founder is posting pictures and tweets that do not align with your values, you will want to move on. When you invest in a company, it almost feels like it is yours; you wouldn't want to associate with a company that values different things than yourself.
  7. Traffic and Infraction Records: If the founder has a record of DUI's, stay away. Having multiple DUI's, for example, means that they do not take their lives seriously, so why should you trust your money with them?
Overall, can help you find the best company to invest in, just by utilizing its person search engine. GladiKnow makes finding people and information easy and effective.

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