Catfishing: The Truth About Deception Online. How to Spot and Catch One.

Written by Mikki Krause
Catfishing: The Truth About Deception Online.  How to Spot and Catch One.

The Growing Popularity of Online DatingOn the internet, you can become anyone you want to – at least for a while. And although many people and honest and moral, deception doesn’t fit well with lasting romance. Sadly, fewer than a third of people in one survey claimed they were “always” honest in online interactions, and nearly no one expected others to be truthful 100% of their online profiles.

Much of the time, online profiles are intended solely to make the person appear more attractive, more engaging, or otherwise “more” worth getting to know.

But in this social strategy, how do we know that anyone is who they claim to be?

And more importantly, could we spot a catfish if one swam into our network?

Unfortunately, catfishing is far more common than you might expect. According to the FBI, one in 10 dating profiles is fake. The good news is that with new technology, you can catch an online catfish.

How To Catch An Online Catfish
If you’ve watched ‘Catfish The TV Show’ on MTV, you know that a catfish is someone who adopts a fictional persona in order to lure in a victim. Think your online date is one? There’s a simple way to find out.

Use new, cutting edge Person Search technology like All you need is a name and any current or former location (city and state).

A GladiKnow report searches more than 600 million records on anyone in the U.S. including the following comprehensive search products:

  • Current and former address
  • Property information and history
  • Social media profiles
  • Phone numbers
  • Civil Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Sex Offender Records
  • Financial Records
  • Email and phone
  • And MUCH more.

If someone is truly who they say they are, or if they are not, you’ll find out.

You can also verify their story. Millionaire? Beach front house and sportscar? Really? Wife or husband? Living with their girlfriend or boyfriend? You’ll know.

Don’t Get Catfished. Use To Vet Your Online dates. Glad I Know is the Catfish catcher.

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