Can you Trust your Technology?

Written by Amanda Houston
Last Updated: 8/29/2020
Can you Trust your Technology?

Times are changing, and most of our work, personal conversations, news information, and activities are now online. There is no easy way to avoid using technology. Every day every one of us logs into some type of website. We use passwords to secure any personal information placed on those websites to protect personal data. We trust these websites and their firewalls. Thus believing they will keep our data secure from cybercriminals.

However, did you know that these cybercriminals create fake business websites to obtain your information?

These 'cyber-attacks' can be done in a multitude of ways, such as attacking a Wi-Fi router, taking over emails, and more.

Here is How it Happens:

Imagine that you are sitting in a coffee shop that does not have public Wi-Fi unless you buy a coffee. Unaware if you have enough money to pay for a five-dollar cup of coffee, you go on your phone to check your bank account status. But to do that you need Wi-Fi. A free public Wi-Fi ready and available to use from some unknown source pops up on your phone. Desperate, you click on this unknown Wi-Fi source. Now you are allowing potential cyber hackers to obtain your banking information and more.

Hacking into emails is another trick. Cyber hackers will send you a fake email that looks like it came from a bank, professional business, and states that it needs immediate attention. Some of these fraudulent emails will ask you for your password codes, emails, credit card information, and social security.

The most effective method to Protect Yourself:
  • Keep away from open Wi-Fi
  • Introduce solid security programming
  • Pay attention to alarms.
  • Utilize an advertisement blocker

If there is a name or business associated with the emails you are getting and want to make sure they are legitimate. Use a people search engine like GladiKnow ( to look them up.

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