Are There Criminals In Your Life

Written by Mikki Krause
Are There Criminals In Your Life

Are there Criminals in Your Life?

A criminal record is not something people go around advertising. After the Me-Too movement, there have been many crimes revealed related to sex crimes. People are starting to be wearier of those they talk to.

Have you considered maybe you’re unknowingly chatting with a sex offender or criminal via dating apps? How about your neighborhood, have you checked your local sex offenders?

How GladiKnow Can Show You Criminal Records

GladiKnow is a people search engine that gathers public records, criminal reports, arrest records, state and federal databases, and social media. This database can help you cultivate information about people in the U.S. It is so simple when you have a name, phone number, or home address. 

  • Gladiknow is 100% confidential. The only person that knows about your search and results is you. Here’s what you can find when searching GladiKnow for criminal records (additional fees may apply)Arrest records
  • Possible friends
  • Online Profiles
  • Education history
  • FBI-Most wanted fugitives
  • Employment History
  • Criminal records Statewide
  • Criminal records Federal
  • Civil Records – Federal

Data is continuously updated so users can be informed of accurate information. Do not be discouraged if you do not have their full name. A phone number, email address, or home address can do the trick. You may be thinking, and I can figure this out myself? Sure, but it could take days and weeks and cost you a lot more money to access some records. Using sites like GladiKnow ( is a person search platform. At GladiKnow, we do it for you in a matter of minutes in full confidentiality.

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