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Last Updated: 1/4/2021
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Stay Productive When Working From Home

As the cases of Covid-19 continue to rise, more and more of us are starting to work from home. Working from home has so far proven to be great. We get to wear sweatpants all day, play with our kids or pets in between breaks, and even have time to walk outside for a bit and see the sun. We can even sleep in for an extra hour, which before was used for driving to work.

But with all these pros there are some cons to working from home. When you work from home, you might get caught up in distractions. Many of us have children doing at-home learning. With no teachers around to help out with the kids, working from home can be challenging. And, of course, there is the messy house distraction. Spotting dirty dishes in the sink can be distracting. Some people cannot even complete their work until the whole house is clean.

This blog will help guide you on how to stay productive while working from home. Not all of these tips and tricks will work for everyone, but try them out to see what you can do to stay on top of things.

Use Zoom For Conference Calls

Zoom is a great work from home productivity tool. Zoom was created back in 2011 by Eric Yuan. Zoom is a form of technology that allows you to video chat with people from all over. This technology is so strong that it can hold up to 1,000 people in one call. The great thing about Zoom is that anyone can use it. Zoom is free to anyone that has access to a phone or computer. Many companies have started using Zoom so that coworkers won't feel so distant from one another. Not seeing your coworkers every day can be strange, but Zoom brings us together even during these unknown and unpredictable times. Not only that, but this application will hold you accountable. Instead of just doing regular phone calls that allow you to zone out and scroll through the web, Zoom allows you to show your face, making you feel like you are in a real work meeting. That way, you will not have the opportunity to daze off and defocus from work.

Time Management

Time management from home can be challenging. However, there are simple ways to manage your time that won't be too hard to accomplish. One of the best first steps is to get a planning journal that will help you set goals for yourself. You can buy these off of Amazon, Walmart, and even go to your local $.99 store. These journals are a great way to hold yourself accountable for how much time you spend on each day's objective. These journals come in different sizes and forms. Take the time to look through the various journals and see what each one offers. When you open one up, you will notice that there is a calendar. Write down all your major events, for example, "Big presentation with Google" and or "Send Jodie volunteer forms." This action will allow you to see any big upcoming projects that you need to get done.

Once you get a little bit further into the journal, you will notice sections that allow you to write the exact times you need to get specific stuff done. This space is a great spot to organize your day from start to finish. Make sure to include everything in these sections such as, "go for a 30-minute run"" or "walk the dog." It is crucial to fit even the little things in your schedule because this helps ensure nothing extra gets added on that you cannot do. Once you complete each task, you can check it off, which gives you a feeling of accomplishment and encourages you to do more. Another great thing to have too is a large calendar that can lay on your desk. These are great for writing quick reminders of things you need to get done without having to open your planner.

Put On Your Work Attire

Now I am aware of what you are thinking - no one wants to put on work attire when you have the opportunity of not being seen. But hear me out, dressing up in a particular type of clothes has been proven by researchers to cause humans to feel the same way as they dress. If you dress in a power outfit like a suit, for instance, you will feel more confident. Now I am not suggesting that you wear a suit every day when you work from home, but try putting on jeans instead of sweats, a nice button-up instead of a raggedy shirt. Confidence is vital when you are performing work tasks. If you work in your PJs, you may feel sluggish and tend to slack off. Choose the correct clothing, and you will get the job done more efficiently and faster.

Finding That Perfect Spot To Work At

Finding the right spot in your home that will help you be productive is critical. If your bed tempts you to climb in and sleep, maybe you should stay away from working in your bedroom. If you tend to get distracted by food and overeat when you are stressed, working in the kitchen is also not a good idea. Find a place in your home that offers no distractions.

Buy a portable desk and chair. That way, you can set up your office anywhere in your home, such as your living room. Your living room most likely gets good light and has the least amount of distractions. Some people have the issue that each room is full of family members or roommates working from home. If that is the situation, go to a nearby park, find a picnic table, and make it a desk. Sometimes there is good wifi available at parks and or you can use a Hot Spot.

Socializing Is Okay

Distractions during work are common, especially when working from home, but you should avoid them whenever you can. However, it is not a horrible idea to socialize with some friends when you are not working (at six feet apart and wearing a mask). Covid-19 has put us all in a vulnerable spot, making us rethink current friendships and past ones. If this pandemic has gotten you thinking about old companions, but you no longer have their contact information, there are ways to retrieve it. New, advanced people search engines like can help you out. This advanced people search technology can search through public records (both online and offline sources) to locate anyone in the U.S. No matter if your friend has changed their last name, GladiKnow will be able to find them. Their instant report will provide you with your friends' up-to-date names, contact numbers, emails, home addresses, family members, and social media.

Being productive from home does not need to be hard. If you play your cards right and create acceptable time management practices, you should have enough time to have fun and use GladiKnow to find your friends and reconnect.

For more information on people search engines and how they work check out this great video.


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