How to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

Written by Mikki Krause
How to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

In the current environment, we are all facing; it is challenging to stay focused when trying to work. Covid-19 has made it, so those who went to work are now forced to work from home (for a good reason). Naturally, when working from home, distractions are all around, whether that is cleaning or fixing that chip in the wall you been meaning to do. At, we have made a conscious decision to move our team to working remotely. Just like many of you, we're going through the same struggles. Here is some guidance on how to stay productive.

Finding a new line of communication for you and your colleagues

We are so used to just walking to the office next door to us or the cubicle across from us to ask questions. Without being physically present, we have to adapt. With that being said, communication is essential when running a business. At GladiKnow, we have been using a variety of communication tools to provide essential service.

Zoom: Zoom offers a web-based video conferencing tool. On this app, you can choose to record the meeting, so you do not miss anything, collaborate on projects, share screens, and more!

Google Hangout: Google Hangout is another video conferencing tool that users can chat and share screens to present projects or filtrate meetings.

Routine Time Management

Usually when we come home from work, its dinner time and unwinding. Now with covid-19, we are home every day. It is essential to continue with the work week of Monday- Friday. On Sunday nights, write in a planner and lay out what you have to do throughout the week. Setting deadlines is key for productivity. Employees from GladiKnow said that they felt more effective when they got right out of bed when their alarms went off and straight to the shower.

Let’s not get too comfortable at home and continue to be professional. Put on work attire to get you in the mindset that it is time to work and focus. Finding a spot in your house that is preferably at a desk or counter. Resist the urge to sit on the couch or your bed. Since business are complying to CDC guidelines and staying home, it is good to set boundaries.

How Can I Focus?

Having help is okay during this time. Staying focus is a struggle even at work! Making a to-do list, and having that satisfaction when you cross off each task as you finish will help promote productivity. If you have a google account, not only do they offer google hangout, you can also utilize their google calendar to stay up to date with all your tasks.

In the world of technology we are easily consumed with our phones. A useful tip is setting a timer like the app Forest. This app allows participants to stay focused and be present. It will lock your phone during the duration of time you selected. It can be easy to get lost in work and lose track of time!

Social Life

It is okay to crave normalcy. When working remotely, it can feel like you lose touch with your teammates. As mentioned above, utilizing tools like zoom and google hangout for lunch dates with your fellow peers. Just because we are social distancing does not mean you have to isolate yourself. Make sure you check in with colleagues and get human contact.

A leading Person Search technology like can be a great resource to you while you work from home. All you need to tap into this technology is the name and location (city and state) of any person in the U.S., or an address.

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