Get to Know Your Neighbors: 4 Reasons to Conduct an Online Background Check

Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 11/8/2019
Get to Know Your Neighbors: 4 Reasons to Conduct an Online Background Check
Know who is friend or foe to keep your home and community safe.

How well do you know your neighbors? Probably not as well as you think. But our interconnected world has deeply changed the way in which we interact with the people around us, reducing the need to foster and maintain more personal relationships with our acquaintances and peers, the way we did in the past.

In fact, neighborly relations have steeply deteriorated in the United States since the 1950s. According to a Pew Center study, only half of Americans say that they know and trust all or most of our neighbors, and the numbers dip dramatically for respondents in urban centers and lower-income neighborhoods. While economic factors do play an important role (higher-income residents indicating more trust in their neighbors), age also matters a great deal, as younger Americans are much less likely to trust their neighbors than older ones.

The fact is, thanks to the internet, smartphones, and online communities, we spend much less time interacting with our neighbors than we did before the 1970s, meaning most people today are lucky if they know anything meaningful about their neighbors and their backgrounds, aside from their names.

Using an innovative online people search tool like Glad I Know can help fix that. It gives you instant access to important data you simply won't find anywhere else. A simple, very affordable person search lets consumers access valuable data on neighbors or any person in the U.S. from over 600 million records and over 30 different search tools, including criminal and civil records, address and property history, email, phone, social media, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, watch lists, infractions, sex offender records, relatives, employment and education history, and much much more.

Here are 4 good reasons to complete an online background check with people search technology to create a more tight-knit community around your home:

1. Identify the neighbors that will have your back

Large and small emergencies, from home break-ins to kitchen fires, to the need for help with a child or a relative, can happen in the blink of an eye. You want to know which of your neighbors will truly have your best interest at heart when you need help with a problem both inside and outside your home.

Aside from keeping cordial relationships with your neighbors (which everyone should do), a quick online background check is enough to help you sort out who can really be trusted with the things that matter most to you, and your loved ones. While some may be great to watch your kids and pets in a pinch, others could be helpful by lending you something you need or are missing, or picking up your mail when you’re out of town. But in order to have good options for every scenario, it’s a smart idea to know who you are dealing with. Trust? Of course. But, verify too. When it comes to your safety and your loved ones, it’s just the smart thing to do.

2. Understand existing neighborhood dynamics

Do you know that feeling of walking into a room after other people were in there fighting? The atmosphere is thick with tension, and it’s hard to get a beat on what really happened inside.

Moving to a new home has some of the same pitfalls since you have no clue about the state of neighborly relations before you arrived. Has there been criminal behavior?

An instant, affordable background check can not only tell you what you need to know about your immediate neighbors but also help you to steer clear of touchy issues that may affect the entire neighborhood’s morale and opinion of you.

3. Know who to keep a close eye on

The truth is, not everyone is a good neighbor. Crimes against children, domestic abusers, thieves, and violent offenders do indeed exist and live in neighborhoods just like yours. These are the people that you wouldn’t want to encounter on any given day, much less on a regular basis, and certainly not an environment for you or your loved ones to be in.

For the sake of your kids, your pets, your belongings, and your sanity, it’s important to rule out the presence of a dangerous character in your neighborhood or act accordingly to safeguard the wellbeing of your family and possessions.

That being said, that vital information leads us to our last -but most important- reason:

4. Decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to stay

While the house may have looked great at first glance and on paper, everyone knows that a bad neighbor can quickly make your “dream home” turn into a living nightmare. If an instant, affordable background check on your neighbors reveals a fact about them that you simply can’t live with, oftentimes it’s better to cut your losses and look for your home sweet home somewhere else.

So if you're thinking about the best way to gain important insight on a neighbor you don’t know well or at all, do it with the help of a trustworthy and very affordable online people search solution like Glad I Know. The website makes finding important information on people online an incredibly easy, fast, fun and inexpensive process that will make you wish you’d have used it a lot sooner.

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