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Last Updated: 12/22/2020
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14 Best Websites To Find People Online
With the need for information on the rise, many websites will cater to those who are looking for lost relatives, friends, coworkers, etc. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you the 13 best people search engines out there that you can try today!
  1. Glad I Know
    Glad I Know is an innovative person search platform which gives you highly valuable insight on virtually any adult in the U.S. Searching is simple, inexpensive, and ALWAYS CONFIDENTIAL. You can search and screen any person in the U.S., for:
    • Civil records
    • Criminal records
    • Financial records, including liens and bankruptcies
    • Property (current and past)
    • Sexual offender records
    • Phone records
    • Social, Employment, Education and more
    With state-of-the-art technology, Glad I Know connects you to the best databases in the industry, garnering more than 600 million complete, comprehensive, and valuable records.
  2. Google
    Doing a quick Google search to track someone down online is easy. Just:
    • Enclose the person's full name in quotation marks (like "[First Name] [Last Name]").
    • Add familiar information on the person (like “[First Name] [Last Name],” [occupation or title]) to ensure more precise results.
    • "If the person is involved with a certain organization, try searching only that site on Google," says Max Gettysburg, a data analyst at Writemyx and Coursework writer. "Chances are, they might be listed as a staff member, and might have their contact info posted on that site."
  3. is a popular US-based high school reunion website that lets you search for people from your high school days. Just select your high school by state and city, and then enter the name of the student you’re searching for. Since many people are registered on the site, it’s most likely you’ll find the person you’re looking for.
  4. Facebook
    Facebook is, by far, a powerful free people search resource with over millions of users daily. Reunite with old classmates, teachers, coworkers, etc. on Facebook by simply typing in their name in the built-in search bar, and seeing if they have a profile on there.
  5. Pipl People Search
    Pipl conducts deep web searches for a name on “non-typical sites,” thus giving you unexpectedly great results. These deep searches can pull up a lot of data about a particular person. While this resource requires you to create an account to use it, Pipl won’t disappoint.
  6. TruePeopleSearch delivers good results in its “100% free” terms. However, that all depends on where you're based. If you live in the US or Canada, then you’re fine.
  7. FamilyTreeNow
    Since its launch in 2014, FamilyTreeNow has strived to allow users access to public records. A great people search engine for finding relatives – even distant ones – the resource even lets you build a family tree based on your findings.
  8. FindPeopleSearch
    Like TruePeopleSearch, gives you “teaser” information on people. Plus, anywhere outside of the US or Canada won’t show up on there. But still, the information you gather on this site can be extremely helpful when you're trying to learn more about someone, what they do, and where they live.
    Want to learn more about your family history? Then is here to help! Created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, strives to assist people that are researching their family background. And, the site even has an app where you can do your searches on the go.
  10. PeekYou delves into into popular social sites (Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) to find the best public information for you. While the results can be impressive at times, some of it can be mixed up with each other – so, be careful when looking.
  11. TinEye
    TinEye is ideal for those looking for someone, but only have a photo of them. Using innovative technology, this site turns everything inside out for the photo, and it’ll show you if that same picture was posted anywhere else online.
  12. Zaba Search (Public Records)
    "For those conducting a full background check on someone, Zaba Search has you covered,” says George Williams, a blogger at Brit student and 1Day2write. “It lets you check someone’s residence(s) over the last few years, their criminal record, birthday, and so on."
  13. is a large database for all state and federal agencies. While many state and federal agencies require a fee to do extensive searching, the bare-bones part of it will still produce acceptable results.
  14. LinkedIn
    Finally, LinkedIn lets you find people based on profession and activities. It’s a career-centered alternative to Facebook that still lets you search for someone based on their recent activities, their current occupation, etc.


Ultimately, with numerous people search engines available, these 14 stand out as the best so far. So, if you’re looking for someone online, and don’t want to pay large sums of money to do so, then look to the above websites and get the best results in no time!

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