GladIKnow's people search feature provides comprehensive coverage of aircraft-related information, including U.S. Aircraft registrations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) across all 50 states. This coverage encompasses various data points related to aircraft, pilots, and aircraft owners.

In terms of aircraft coverage, users can access information such as the aircraft owner's name as listed on the current registration, mailing address, aircraft registration details, and details pertaining to the aircraft and its engine. This data is essential for verifying ownership, identifying aircraft specifications, and conducting research related to aviation.

For pilot coverage, GladIKnow's people search includes details such as the pilot's full name, address, certification status, certification class, certification date, and expiration date. These details are crucial for confirming a pilot's credentials, understanding their certification level, and ensuring compliance with aviation regulations.

Regarding aircraft owner coverage, the search results include the owner's name as listed on the current registration, mailing address, registration information, and information about the aircraft and its engine. This information allows users to gather comprehensive data about aircraft owners, their registered addresses, and the specifics of their aircraft.

By incorporating aircraft, pilot, and aircraft owner coverage into its people search feature, GladIKnow provides users with a comprehensive resource for aviation-related information. This data is valuable for various purposes, including conducting background checks, verifying ownership, validating certifications, and gathering insights into the aviation industry.